Fifth Week Lesson Plan Outline Basic 6

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Basic 6

First Term

Lesson Plan for Week 5

Teacher’s Basic Information

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  • Basic Science and Technology (BST) 
  1. Basic Science
  2. Information Technology (Computer Studies)
  3. Physical and Health Education
  • Cultural and Creative Art
  • English Studies 
  • Mathematics 
  • Pre-Vocational studies (PVS)
  1. Agriculture
  2. Home Economics 
  • Religion and National Values 
  1. Christian Religious Studies
  2. Civic Education
  3. Islamic Religious Studies
  4. Security Education
  5. Social Studies
  • Yoruba 
  • Basic Science (BST) 

Earth and Sky Movement

  1. Natural Bodies in the Sky
  2. The Sun and other Planets 
  3. The Solar System Gravity
  • Information Technology (Computer Studies)

Network Topology – Sketch and describe Network Topology

  • Physical and Health Education 

High Jump 

  • Cultural and Creative Art 

Imaginative Composition 

  • English Studies 
  1. Speech Work: Pronunciation Practice
  2. Reading Comprehensive
  3. Writing: Passage on Clean Safe Water Strategies
  4. Structure: Simple Passage of Dialogue and Conversation 
  5. Grammar: Word Formation – Verbs from Adjectives
  6. Dictation: Teaching New Words
  7. Verbal Aptitude
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  • Mathematics

Fractions and Decimals 

  • Home Economic 
  • Christian Religious Studies 

Paul’s Mission II

  1. Paul at Corinth – Act 18:1-3
  2. Paul preached to the Jews and Gentiles – Act 18:4-8 
  3. Paul preached to all Nations in his community – Act 18-11-18
  • Civic Education 


  1. Meaning of Cooperation
  2. Attributes of of Cooperation
  • Islamic Religious Studies 

Tawhid and Fiqh – difference between Zakat and Sadaqat 

  1. Definition of Zakat and Sadaqat
  2. Difference between Zakat and Sadaqat
  3. Importance of Zakat and Sadaqat
  • Security Education 
  • Social Studies 
  1. Some Foreign Cultures that are affecting Our Values and Cultures
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign Cultures 
  • Yoruba 
  1. Ede: Eyan ọ̀rọ̀ – Dídá àwọn ẹ̀yán ọ̀rọ̀ mọ nínú gbólóhùn. Fún àpẹẹrẹ – Bàbà ojo pa ẹran.
  2. Ásà – Ásà ìran ara ẹni lọ́wọ́ ni ilẹ̀ Yorùbá. Àárọ̀ ṣíṣe, esùsú/àjọ, owo yíya.
  3. Litireso – Gbigbo ohun tí a fi ìlú wí. Sísọ díè lára àwọn ìlú ilé Yorùbá.
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