First Week Lesson Plan Outline Basic 6

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Basic 5

First Term

Lesson Plan for Week 4

Teacher’s Basic Information

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  2. School:
  3. Term:
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  • Basic Science and Technology (BST) 
  1. Basic Science
  2. Information Technology (Computer Studies)
  3. Physical and Health Education
  • Cultural and Creative Art
  • English Studies 
  • Mathematics 
  • Pre-Vocational studies (PVS)
  1. Agriculture
  2. Home Economic
  • Religion and National Values 
  1. Christian Religious Studies
  2. Civic Education
  3. Islamic Religious Studies
  4. Security Education
  5. Social Studies
  • Yoruba

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  • Basic Science (BST) 

Revision of First Term’s Work 

  • Information Technology (Computer Studies)

Review of Word Processing, Word Processor Skills, Word Processing Environment, Types of Toolbars 

  • Physical and Health Education 


  1. History of Hockey
  2. Position of Player on Hockey
  3. Play Situation, Skills on Techniques – dribbling, pushing, hitting, drive, rolling, flick.
  • Cultural and Creative Art 

Rhythm Patterns 

  1. Meaning,
  2. Patterns of beats,
  3. Types of rhythms – simple and complex rhythms
  4. Rhythms in 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. 
  • English Studies – Revision of First Term’s Work 
  • Mathematics

Revision of 1st Term’s Work 

  • Agriculture

Revision of First Term’s Work 

  • Home Economic 

Food Preservation 

  1. Meaning of food preservation
  2. Reasons/importance of food preservation 

Food Spoilage 

  1. Meaning food spoilage and waste
  2. The disadvantages of spoilage and waste
  • Christian Religious Studies 

Goals Setting 

  1. Types of goal setting
  2. Importance of goal setting – Luke 14:27-28
  3. Basic steps for achieving goals – Luke 14:29-33
  • Civic Education 

Government’s Main Service

  1. Quality of Service Provided by Government
  2. Types of Services Provided by Government
  • Islamic Religious Studies 

Al-Qur’an – Aayat versus 103 – 105 from Suratul Aali – Imran 

  1. Recitation
  2. Translation
  3. Explanation 
  • Security Education 
  • Social Studies 

Resources Utilization 

  1. Meaning resources utilization
  2. Importance of natural resources
  3. Meaning of Over utilization of natural resources – using natural resources at a faster rate than they are replaced
  4. Danger of over utilization of natural resources – exhaustion, infrastructure breakdown, maintenance problems, over population, etc.
  5. Problems of under utilization of natural resources – low income and wages, poor industrial development, dependence on foreign goods  unemployment, etc.
  • Yoruba 
  1. Èdè: 
  2. Ásà:
  3. Litireso – 


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