First Term Examination Basic Science Basic 7 (JSS 1)






Answer all Questions


1. Living things perform the following functions except _____________________.

(a) movement

(b) respiration

(c) saturation

(d) reproduction


2. Anything that has weight and occupies space is referred to as _____________________.

(a) mother

(b) madam

(c) mortar

(d) matter


3. Matter exists in the following state except _____________________.

(a) solid

(b) liquid

(c) exchange

(d) gas


4. Solid particles can be transformed by _____________________.

(a) freezing

(b) sublimation

(c) melting

(d) condensation


5. _____________________ of the metals known are metals.

(a) 3/4

(b) 1/4

(c) 4/5

(d) 1/10



6. The ability of organisms to respond to stimulus is referred to as _____________________.

(a) irritating

(b) nutrition

(c) imitating

(d) irritability


7. Metals are good conductors of heat and _____________________.

(a) electricity

(b) conduction

(c) infusion

(d) cold


8. The chemical formula for Calcium is _____________________.

(a) ac

(b) cl

(d) lc

(d) ca


9. The period between childhood and adulthood where a number of dramatic physical changes occur is called _____________________.

(a) infancy

(b) maturity

(c) adolescence

(d) full person


10. _____________________ is the system of sex organ within an organism which work together for the purpose of sexual reproduction.

(a) production system

(b) digestive system

(c) reproductive system

(d) excretory system



11. four characteristics of living things are _____________________, _____________________, _____________________, and _____________________.


12. A diet that has all the six classes of food present is called _____________________.


13. The medium in which plants and animals including man take in food to the body is called _____________________.


14. The exchange of gases between organisms and their environment is called _____________________.


15. The chemical formula for water is _____________________.



16. The misuse or excessive use of drugs without a doctor’s prescription is called _____________________.


17. Reasons for drug abuse may include –


__________________________________________, and



18. The way living things get used to their various environment is _____________________.


19. Three examples of food that contain protein are _____________________, _____________________ AND   _____________________.


20. Water boils at _____________________ temperature.


Section B – THEORY

Answer four questions only.


1a. What are living things?


1b. List the characteristics of living things.


2. State five differences between living and non – living things.


3. What is puberty?


4a. Define a balanced diet.


4b. Give three classes of food with two examples each


5. what is sanitation?


6. State four methods of keeping our body clean.







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