First Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Primary 1 (Basic 1)

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Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. __________________ is the provider of good things.

[a] Pastor

[b] God

[c] Father


2. God is our __________________.

[a] destroyer

[b] curser

[c] creator


3. One of the reason why God created things is to __________________ him.

[a] love

[b] hate

[c] abuse


4. __________________ is the provider of good things.

[a] pastor

[b] God

[c] Father


5. God created the __________________ to give light during the day.

[a] sun

[b] dark

[c] light


6. Our attitude to God’s help is to be __________________ to him.

[a] rude



[b] causing

[c] thankful


7. Jesus was born in the __________________.

[a] manger

[b] house

[c] Hospital


8. Who the Shepherd that Jesus was born?

[a] Joseph

[b] Mary

[c] Angel


9. Food, clothing and shelter are basic of __________________.

[a] life

[b] school

[c] church


10. The lsrealites were slaves in __________________.

[a] Lagos

[b] Nigeria

[c] Egypt


11. God’s made animal for __________________ use.

[a] man’s

[b] ghost’s [

c] angel’s


12. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

[a] True

[b] False


13. Why did God create all things?

[a] To serve him



[b] To hate him

[c] To fight him


14. God is good because he __________________.

[a] beats us

[b] created us

[c] run away


15. We must be ..__________________ to others

[a] kind

[b] angry

[c] God




Attempt all questions


1. In the beginning God created __________ and __________.


2. Mention 3 things that God created .


3. __________________was born in Bethlehem.



4. The first man God created is __________________.


5. __________________ is member of our family.


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