First Term Examination Civic Education Primary 1 (Basic 1)

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Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. ________________ is the study of right and duties of a citizen.

[a] Civic education

[b] Human right

[c] Duties studies


2. Honesty means ________________.

[a] tolerance

[b] truthfulness

[c] fighting


3. Rules and regulations protects life and ________________ .

[a] properties

[b] river

[c] books


4. ________________ means working together as one to achieve a common goal.

[a] Fighting

[b] Stealing

[c] Co-operation


5. ________________ is part of respect.

[a] Greetings

[b] Crying

[c] Weeping


6. We must ________________ other people views.

[a] disrespect



[b] respect

[c] blame


7. Things to respect are ________________.

[a] market & church

[b] toilet & bathroom

[c] national anthem & pledge


8. We should ________________ when the national anthem is going on .

[a] sit

[b] stand

[c] dance


9. ________________ is the colour of Nigeria flag.

[a] Blue White Blue

[b] Green White Green

[c] Yellow White Yellow


10. We should ________________ with each other.

[a] fight

[b] quarrel

[c] co – operate


11. Civic education is important because ________________.

[a] it builds us morally

[b] it makes us a bad citizen

[c] it make us lazy


12. Showing good behavior towards somebody is ________________.

[a] laughing

[b] crying

[c] respect


13. It is the ________________ of the citizens to taxes.

[a] duty



[b] legacy

[c] game


14. Unity brings ________________.

[a] peace

[b] war

[c] enemy


15. Children should play only with ________________ .

[a] television

[b] toys

[c] Gas cooker




Attempt all questions


1. Civic education is the study of right and duties of a ________________.


2. Mention 2 things to be respected .

I. ________________

II. ________________


3. Every child has right to ________________ .



4. Civic education can be important at ________________ and ________________ .


5. We must respect our __________________ .



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