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Mock Examination Home Economics Basic 9 (JSS 3)

  CRN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  HOME ECONOMICS  SECOND TERM EXAMINATION  JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL – JSS 3      SECTION A – OBJECTIVES Answer all the questions.  Choose the correct answer from the options.   1. Home economics deals with ___________________. [a] how people live in the family [b] what people need in the family [c] how

Mock Examination Literature in English SS 3

  CRN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  LITERATURE IN ENGLISH  MOCK (SECOND TERM) EXAMINATION  SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL – SSS 3      PART A- OBJECTIVE TEST  Answer all the questions. INSTUCTION: Choose the correct answers from the alternatives.   1. _________________ is a novel that dwells on the growth and development from childhood to maturity. (a) Fables (b)

Mock Examination Economics SS 3 – Exam Questions

  CRN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ECONOMICS SECOND TERM EXAMINATION SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL – SS 3     SECTION A – OBJECTIVES Answer all questions   1. The study of Economics enables individuals to _________________. (a) change jobs (b) be stingy (c) evade tax (d) make rational decisions   2. Most of the problems of economics arise

Mock Examination Government SS 3 – Exam Questions

  MOCK EXAMINATION  GOVERNMENT  SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL – SS 3     SECTION A Answer all questions.    1. The first military coup in Nigeria was in _______________. (a) 1990 (b) 1926 (c) 1976 (d) 1966   2. The nearest government to the people is the _______________ government. (a) federal (b) state (c) local (d)
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