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First Term Workbook – Weekly Assessment for Computer Studies (Primary 3)

    WORKBOOK – WEEKLY ASSESSMENT Computer Studies  (Information Technology)  Primary 3 Week 1 – Week 12    WEEK 1 – Early Counting Devices   1. __________________ is an early counting device. A. Calculator B. Computer C. Palm kernel   2. __________________ are used for counting before the invention of computer. A. Modern Counting Devices

Mathematics (Primary 1)

    First Term, Second Term and Third Term Mathematics  Scheme of Work with Plan Lesson Notes for Primary 1     FIRST TERM SCHEME OF WORK WITH PLAN LESSON NOTES   First Term Workbook – Weekly Assessment for Mathematics (Primary 1)   WEEK 1 – Whole Numbers – Identification and Reading of Number of Objects

First Term Workbook for Physical and Health Education (Primary 6)

  WORKBOOK Physical and Health Education  Primary 6 Week 1 – Week 12    WEEK 1 – Creative Rhythmic Activities   1. _______________________ are activities that people responds to physically, socially, and mentally to regular patterns of sound. A. Locomotive Movement B. Non Locomotive Movement C. Rhythmic Activities D. Creative Activities   2. _______________________ refers
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