The Cost of Starting a Blog in Nigeria

Blogging business is what everyone in Nigeria want to do, most especially the younger ones with or without ideas, knowledge, training, mentor, finance or how blogging works.

Blog contents are the contents inside or outside of a blogger itself. If you are good writers and you are ready to vomit what is inside of you or ready to explore your environment, start with low budget if you don’t have enough money.


It is very disheartened when people are trying to avoid the price of starting a blog. This is annoying to hear them say, “I want to start blogging but I have money”. If you don’t money, go out and sort for the money or you don’t start at all. Though, I don’t recommend free blogging such as using blogspot or free wordpress.

The reasons is very simple, it deprived you from authority and control. It also gives the bigger bloggers to rob you of your hard work. I’m not making this up, it is from experience. The day I found my contents on a bigger blog, it is terribly amazing.


Although, blogspot offered the opportunity to monetize, that’s to apply and use adsense but wordpress doesn’t give that opportunity unless you take the authority and control by paying the little price for domain and host.



People keep saying, Linda Keji started with Blogspot. Yes and no doubt about it but she started when there is no little or no competition and now, she now on domain and self hosting with cloudflare servers because blogging is getting hotter than fire day by day, it is getting more interested and more competitive.

A popular phrase from my childhood came back to haunt me and everyone now, “There’s nothing free even in Freetown”. You must pay the price to win the prize. 


Blogging starts from domain and hosting registration.

When I start my blog career, I spent just ₦1 050 per year for Nigeria domain ( and monthly of ₦450 Nigeria hosting as trial. I started with the sum of ₦1 500 as that is what I have to spare. After 3 months, I upgraded to yearly plan by paying ₦4 000. Is that not interesting and progress.


To sum it all up, Blogging offers a simple solution for those who are ready to create a personal blog, domain and hosting service is best suited for a beginner who is looking for maximum flexibility, scalability, and ownership.



Here’s are cost effective domain and hosting in Nigeria,

1. Qservers WEB HOSTING 

Domains start from just ₦1,100 per year while hosting service starts with Web Hosting ₦900 per month.

Follow the link to start –


Support is awesome, their responsive team is 24/7 to give you helpful website advice. And, you can contact them any way you’d like such as phone, chat or, ticket! Whether you’ve got an issue with your site, or just a simple question, we’re here to help!


I always recommend Qservers for all beginners because I got trained and experienced with them. I learnt how to manage WordPress issues both in cpanel and WordPress dashboard.

Reasons for leaving – traffic increase and cost. Shared hosting wasn’t suitable for me any more. And VPS is very expensive at Qservers compared with Namecheap.


2. SmartWeb Nig LTD

Domains also start from just ₦1,100 per year in SmartWeb while hosting service starts with Web Hosting ₦650 per month.

Follow the link to start –


I hosted two (2) other websites with SmartWeb but I really say much because I never stayed long. But within the time short term, they are amazing. I registered most of my Nigeria domains with them.


Others are Whogohost, Domainking, hostnownow (not recommended, I had my worst experience with hostnownow.), etc. I have not tried Whogohost and Domainking but both are highly rated from friends.

Finally, I will recommend Namecheap as you traffic and contents capacity can not be handled by Nigeria shared hosting companies. If Nigeria shared hosting cannot handle your traffic and capacity, move to Namecheap shared hosting before their VPS.

Currently, I’m using Namecheap Quasar VPS. It is amazing and super.

Thanks for your time, for support and enquiry, please leave a comment.