Third Term Examination Verbal Reasoning Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions








Choose the correct answer from the options. 

Choose the correct feminine to each of these words: 

1. Gander _________

[a] goose

[b] gooseses

[c] gooseress


2. Fox _________

[a] vixen

[b] foxsesses

[c] foxers


Choose the correct antonym to each of these word. 

3. Compulsory

[a] Mandatory

[b] Voluntary

[c] Necessary


4. Revenue

[a] Expenditure



[b] Temporary

[c] Avenue


Circle the word which does not belong to the group in each group of words.

5. Overcomer   Victor   Conqueror   Winner   Victim


6. Crocodile   Snake   Tortoise   Goat   Lizard


7. A period of 100 years is called _________.

[a] millennium

[b] century

[c] decade


8. _________ stopped the killing of twin in Nigeria.

[a] Adam slessor

[b] Eve slessor

[c] Mary Slessor


9. Cow and milk, bee and _________.

[a] honey

[b] sweet

[c] oil


Choose the correct letter from the alternatives A – E that can end first and at the same time begin the second word.

10. B e g i ( _____ ) i c e

[a] b



[b] n

[c] k


11. A b o u ( _____ ) e a c h e r

[a] q

[b] t

[c] b


12. Underline the word that sound like HYMN

[a] he

[b] has

[c] him


13. How many consonant are there in INTERNATIONAL.

[a] 5

[b] 8

[c] 10


14. Choose the anagram that can be form for SALT.

[a] Slate

[b] Last

[c] Salty


15. Olu needs some _________ to bake bread.

[a] flower

[b] floor

[c] flour


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Attempt all questions in this section. 


Give the group name of each of the following:

A. Knife, Fork, Pot, Plate, Spoon __________________.



B. Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Zambia __________________.

C. Oil, Water, Petrol, Kerosene, Ink __________________

D. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday __________________.

E. Banana, Orange, Cashew, Mango, Apple __________________.



Find answers to these questions-

A. lke is taller than Daniel and Yemisi is taller than lke.

Who is the shortest among them? __________________

B. l am twenty years old. My older sister is six years older than me.

What is my sister’s age? __________________

C. A man is now 30 years older than his wife. If the man is now 40 years.

How old is the wife now?  ________________

D. Dayo is more brilliant than Segun, Segun is more brilliant than Mike.

Who is the most brilliant? _____________________



Fill in the gaps with the correct masculine and feminine.

a. Duke __________________

b. Hero __________________

c. Boy-scout __________________

d. Emperor __________________



Complete these similes:

a. As __________________ as peacock.



b. As __________________ as sheep.

c. As __________________ as door nail.

d. As __________________ as ox.



Form another word by re – arrange the letters of these word:

Sample: Angle – Angel

a. Salt __________________

b. Bleat __________________

c. Tones __________________

d. Hoes __________________



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