Exam Questions – First Term Examination Physical and Health Education Primary 3 (Basic 3)

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. The ability to do something well is _________________.

[a] skill

[b] movement

[c] culture


2. _________________ is a football official.

[a] a musician

[b] a referee

[c] an artist


3. _________________ means to run slowly as exercise.

[a] Jogging

[b] running

[c] leaping


4. Throwing and catching are skills needed in _________________.

[a] basketball

[b] crawling

[c] galloping


5. _________________ is not a fundamental movement.

[a] bending

[b] shaking

[c] dancing


6. _________________ means to change position or posture.

[a] movement

[b] singing

[c] sleeping



7. Basketball is always play with _________________.

[a] leg

[b] hand

[c] head


8. _________________ is a source of rhythm.

[a] biro

[b] pencil

[c] drum


9. _________________ means to forcefully or quickly up and down or to and fro.

[a] shaking

[b] clapping

[c] bending


10. _________________ is not a fundamental movement.

[a] bending

[b] shaking

[c] dancing


11. _________________ is an example of machine that makes sound.

[a] opener

[b] blender

[c] table


12. Example of locomotor movement is _________________.

[a] crying

[b] sleeping

[c] jumping


13. A Lion _________________.

[a] cry

[b] roars

[c] bleats



14. _________________ is an example of non locomotor movement.

[a] twisting

[b] hopping

[c] running


15. A person who catches ball at the goal is called _________________.

[a] a player

[b] a defender

[c] a goal keeper




Attempt all the questions in this section. 


1. Define locomotor movement.


b. List 5 example of locomotor skills:

i. _________________

ii. _________________

iii. _________________

iv. _________________

v. _________________



2. Fill in the gap with movement and sound made by Animals.

Animals            Movement                   Sounds

i. Dog            ________________   __________________

ii. Goat         ________________   __________________

iii. Horse      ________________   __________________

iv. Cat           ________________   __________________

v. Bird           ________________   __________________


3. Fill in the gap with movement and sound made by machines

Machines               Movement.           Sound

i. Trains               ________________   __________________

ii. Trains              ________________   __________________

iii. Aeroplane      ________________   __________________

iv. Motorcycle     ________________   __________________

v. Grind machine ________________   __________________


4. Mention 4 kinds of fundamental movement:

i. ________________

ii. ________________

iii. ________________

iv. ________________



5. State 3 examples of non locomotor movement:

i. ________________

ii. ________________

iii. ________________


b. How many people will perform throwing and catching ball ________.



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