Happy New year and Happy Resumption. This is inform you that our contents are under review to meet the new set standards as stated in Lagos State Scheme of Work 2021 Edition.

Choosing a Career (Primary 6)




PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor): Explain the term career; Mention different types of career; Identify and choose their future careers; Explain the importance of dignity of labour.

ENTRY BEHAVIOR: The pupils are required to already have learned love of money l and ll.

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS:  The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of pictures of various occupations.


REFERENCE MATERIALS: Bible (Gen. 4:1-6, Matt, 13:54-58, II Thes3:6-13), Course Book, and Other Learning Material.

1. DEFINITION OF THE CAREER Career is an occupation or a profession, that one undertake for a long period of his/her life time and drives monetary benefit from it.

2. TYPES OF CAREER (Gen. 4:1-6, Matt, 13:54-58)
a. Teaching;
b. Welding;
c. Engineering;
d. Hair Plaiting;
e. Tailoring;
f. Carpentry; etc.

3. DIGNITY OF LABOUR (II Thes. 3:6-13)
The dignity of labour (work), is the philosophy that all types of jobs are treated equally, and no occupation is considered superior. The dignity of labour is one of the major theme in the Christian ethics. i.e. the right of workers to:
a. Satisfaction;
b. Independence;
c. Confidence.

To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps:
1. To introduce the lesson, the teacher revises the previous lesson. Based on this, he/she asks the pupils some questions;
2. Defines Career;
3. Asks pupils to mention the work their parents do;
4. Guides pupils to select suitable occupations;
5. Leads the pupils to discover that there is dignity in labour (all jobs are important).
6. Lesson Evaluation Explain the term career; Mention six types of career; List six careers and choose three according to their scale of preference; Mention four importance of dignity of labour.
7. Learners’ Activities Participates in class discussion; Listen and copy notes; Mention parent’s occupations; Participates in the selection of career.
8. Note taking;
9. Work-To-At-Home: Gen. 4:1-6, Matt, 13:54-58, II Thes3:6-13?
10. CONCLUSION: To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week’s lesson (The coming of Christianity of Nigeria ll).