First Term Examination Security Education Basic 7 (JSS 1)








Answer all Questions 

1 ______________ is the whole process and procedures of protecting lives and properties from danger.

{a} Severity

{b} Curiosity

{c} Security

{d} Seniority


2 The way a person acquires norms ,skills and values that enhances protection of lives and properties is referred to as ______________.


3 A person being looked for because of crime committed is a ______________.

{a} criminal

{b} suspect

{c} crime actor

{d} law breaker


4 ______________ refers to disobedience of law as a result of omission or commission.

{a} Cultism

{b} Crime

{c} Creed

{d} Crowd


5 ______________ Is the scientific study of crime.



6 A person who commits a crime is a ______________.


7 ______________ Is not an example of a common crime.

{a} Falsehood

{b} Theft

{c} Rudeness

{d} Rape


8 One of the causes of crime is ______________.


9 One effect of crime is ______________.


10 The act of not saying the truth is referred to as ______________.

{a} falsehood

{b} theft

{c} rape

{d} murder


11 The act taking another person’s property without his permission with the intention of depriving him of it is called ______________.

{a} murder

{b} theft

{c} fraud

{d} rape


12 Another name for advanced fee fraud is ______________.

{a} 491

{b} 419

{c} 416

{d} 319


13 ______________ is the sexual intercourse by force without the consent of the victim.


14 ______________ is the illegal conversion of another person’s money or property by a person in a position of trust.

{a} Corruption

{b} Embezzlement

{c} Fraud

{d} Theft


15 The act of belonging to a secret cult is referred to as______________.



16 A person belonging to a cult is ______________.

{a} Cultism

{b} Cultist

{c} Cult member

{d} Cult mate


17 The excessive taking of drugs without doctor’s prescription is ______________.

{a} abuse

{b} dependence

{c} cultivation

{d} addiction


18 One of the causes of examination malpractice is ______________.


19 ______________ are manufactured to look like the original by a person or a group of person other than the original manufacturer.

{a} Costly drug

{b} Fake drug

{c} Real drug

{d} Abused drug


20 The violent behavior in which persons and properties are attacked is called ______________.

{a} thuggery

{b} thugs

{c} violence

{d} riot


Section B – THEORY

Answer four {4} questions only.


1. Define the following common crimes in the society.

a. Falsehood

b. Theft

c. Rape

D. Murder


2a. Explain briefly four (4) causes of murder.


2b. List four (4) effects of murder.


3a. What is cultism?


3B. State four (4) reasons for cultism.


3c. Highlight four (4) solutions to cultism.


4a Define examination malpractice.


4b Explain three{3} causes of examination malpractice..


4c Suggest three{4} solutions to examination malpractice.


5a Explain briefly four{4} causes of fake drugs.


5c Mention four{4} effects of fake drugs.


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