First Term Examination Security Education Basic 9 (JSS 3)





BASIC 9 (JSS 3) 




1 _________________ is the whole process of protecting lives and properties from danger.


2 The way a person acquires norms, skills and values that enhance protection of lives and properties is referred to as _________________.


3 _________________ refers to disobedience of law as a result of omission or commission.

{a} Criminal

{b} Crime

{c} Criminology

{d} Crisis


4 The scientific study of crime is referred to as _________________.


5 _________________ refers to the act of taking another person’s property without the person’s permission with the intention of depriving him of it.

{a} Theft

{b} Rape

{c} Murder

{d} Armed robbery



6 One penalty for theft is _________________.


7 The sexual intercourse by the use of force without the consent of the victim is_________________.


8 The punishment for rape of under 15 years of age is _________________ years imprisonment.


9 If the victim dies as a result of raping, the punishment attracts _________________ years imprisonment.


10 One of the punishment for drug trafficking is _________________.



11 _________________ is global threat to vulnerable men, women and children.

{a} Drug abuse

{b} Drug trafficking

{c} Sexual abuse

{d} Human trafficking


12 The process by which the quality of food is lowered by the addition of inferior quality material is _________________.


13 The presence of harmful chemicals and micro organisms which can cause consumer illness is _________________.

{a} food extraction

{b} food contamination

{c} food addictive

{d} food quality


14 _________________ refers to as behavior that is against the law.

{a} Good behavior

{b} Moral behaviour

{c} Criminal behavior

{d} Anti – social behaviour


15 One characteristic feature of a crime _________________.



16 One way of avoiding criminal behavior is _________________.


17 All are criminal behaviours except _________________.

{a} armed-robbery

{b} murder

{c} honesty

{d} rape


18 one wat of preventing school school crime is _________________.


19 One solution to criminal behavior is _________________.


20 One consequences of rape is _________________.



Answer four (4) questions all. 


1a. Discuss the history of security from the era of early man to the present day.

1b. Describe –

I. Drug trafficking

II. Human trafficking.



2a. Contrast between food adulteration and food contamination.

2b. List two (2) penalties for the above 2a.

2c. What is criminal behavior?


3a Distinguish drug adulteration from drug contamination.

3b Highlight four (4) consequences of 3a above.

3c Suggest three (3) remedies to them.


4a Define drug abuse.

4b State four (4) causes, effects and solutions for 4a for each.


5 Write short notes on the following:

I. Security

II. Security education

III. Crime

IV. Criminology

V. Criminal

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