First Term examination Agriculture Basic 8 (JSS 2)










Answer all questions by choosing the correct options. 


1. The person who plans, organizes, staff and controls work is called _______________________.


2. One function of a manager is _______________________.


3. The problem of a farm manager is _______________________.


4. The simple erections on the farm site which makes operations easier and more efficient is _______________________.


5. The artificial application of water to the farmland is called _______________________.

{a} irrigation

{b} drainage

{c} running water

{d} leaching


6. The use of well dams. fences, irrigation canals drainage canals and pumping houses is _______________________.

{a} storage structure

{b} utility structure

{c} production structure

{d} processing structure.


7 The factors considered when setting farm structures and buildings include all except _______________________.

{a} topography

{b} Food

{c} water supply

{d} climate


8 Operations carried out in the farm before planting is called _______________________.



9 Stumping is part of _______________________.

{a} pre\planting

{b} planting

{c} post\planting

{d} manuring


10 Anything added to the soil to improve its fertility is called _______________________.

{a} fertilizer

{b} manure

{c} silting

{d} liming


11 The post planting operation here include all except _______________________.


12 Manure from animal faeces is _______________________.

{a} farmyard

{b} compost

{c} chemical fertilizer

{d} liming


13 The post planting operation after harvesting isis _______________________.


14 The combination of crops and animal rearing is referred to as _______________________.


15 The best soil for agriculture is _______________________.


16 A soil which its drainage is fast is _______________________.

{a} clay

{b} loamy

{c} sandy

{d} silt


17 A farming system in which a farmer cultivates crops continuously in a piece of land is _______________________.


18 Mixed crcpping means ______________________________________________



19 A systemof leaving the la for a period of 6\ to 12 years to rest is _______________________.


20 Shifting cultivation is _______________________.




Answer four (4) questions only in this section.


1a Briefly explain four{4} functions of a farm manager.


1b Explain briefly four{4} problems of a farm manager.


2a Clearly distinguish farm structures from farm buildings giving two examples of each.


2b Explain the following

I. production structure

II. processing structures

III. storage structures


3a Explain briefly four {4} ways of maintaining farm buildings.


3b Separate irrigation system of farming from monocropping.


4a Clearly distinguish inter – planting from intercropping using two crops each to illustrate your examples.



4b Differentiate mixed farming from mixed cropping and give four {4} examples of mixed cropping.


5a Write a short note on the following agricultural practices

I. Bush fallowing

II. Shifting cultivation

III. Pastoral farming

IV. Nomadic farming

V. Ranching