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First Term Examination English Studies


English Studies 

First Term Examination 

Basic 6

INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 

Section A – PASSAGE 


 Read carefully and answer the question below;

l had a terrible experience on the way to school on Wednesday morning. As we were arriving at the gates, l saw an old man waiting to cross the road. l realized he was our neighbor, Mr Nwakwo. A small dog sat at his feet. He was holding the hand of a tiny girl of about four years old. She is his granddaughter, Raliat. Mr Nwakwo looked from left to right and back again — Just the way we are taught to do before crossing the road. The little girl stood patiently waiting. Everything looked fine.

Suddenly that changed. The dog noticed a cat on the other side of the road. It dashed across the road, weaving between cars, buses and taxis. It was frightening to watch. But then things suddenly got worse. The little girl gave a cry and started to run after her pet. She sped right into the fast moving traffic. Car brakes squealed. By standers screamed. The old man threw up his hands helplessly.

Miraculously the little girl made it across the road to her panting dog. Fortunately none of the cars were speeding, and there were no accidents. Soon the little girl, Her dog and the aged man were reunited. The whole incident had happened in only a few minutes. 

Source – Smart English


1. When did this incident happen?

[ a ] In a few minutes

[ b ] Wednesday morning

[ c ] Across the road

2. Where did it take place?

[ a ] On the road

[ b ] At the gate

[ c ] in the neighborhood

3. Give three words that describe sounds in the report.

[ a ] cry, screamed and squeezed

[ b ] cry, screened and squealed

[ c ] cry, screamed and squealed

4. Did the incident end happily or sadly? Give reasons for your answer.

[ a ] Maybe, because there were no accidents.

[ b ] Yes, because there were no accidents.

[ c ] No, because there were no accidents.


Choose the correct options

5. Make hay while the sun __________.

[ a ] shines

[ b ] shone

[ c ] shone

6. I am __________ rice.

[ a ] eaten

[ b ] eaten

[ c ] ate

7. This is the girl __________ stole the meat.

[ a ] which

[ b ] who

[ c ] where

8. The man __________ is with the headmaster is my father.

[ a ] who

[ b ] which

[ c ] whom

9. Add a suffix from the list to this word to form a new word “ enjoy “.

[ a]  ment

[ b ] less

[ c ] ness 

10. Choose a prefix to add to this word “ understand “.

[ a ] un

[ b ] mis

[ c ] dis

11. The teacher shouted __________ at the naughty boy.

[ a ] angry

[ b ] angrily

[ c ] fast


12. We met __________ school.

[ a ] at

[ b ] behind

[ c ] with

13. Hassan __________ a new bicycle.

[ a ] have

[ b ] has

[ c ] have

14. l __________ to the cinema this evening.

[ a ] will give

[ b ] is going

[ c ] am going

15. They decided to go on the hike __________ the weather was bad.

[ a ] although

[ b ] because

[ c ] but

16. My grandfather is weak and old.

[ a ] young

[ b ] strong

[ c ] feeble

Choose the correct form of the verb in the sentences below

17. She …………. from the interview when it began to rain.

[ a ] returned

[ b ] was returning

[ c ] had returning

18. Daniel ………………… some stew. It is ready now.

[ a ] has cooked

[ b ] has been cooking

[ c ] is cooking

Pick out the adverbs in the following sentences. 

19. The pupils ate hurriedly because it was already time for school to open.

[ a ] ate

[ b ] hurriedly

[ c ] already

[ d ] school

20. The dam is so full it is ____________ overflowing.

[ a ] often

[ b ] almost

[ c ] hardly 


Respell the following words and use each to build sentences. 

21. Comjested

22. bechaviour

23.  govmernt

24. seadise

Use the correct prefixes from the list to make words Un, Co, Semi, Pre:

36. Kind

37. Final

38. Operate

39. Judice

Join these sentences to make one sentence each us“ that, who, inaddition, however “

40. l was so tired. l slept immediately l got home.

41. This is the trader. He sells clothes.

42. Favour wants to take up piano lesson. She wants to take up drums now.

43.We have an English test today. We are not sitting for it.


Write not more than 13 sentences on one of the following:

  • My best subject
  • The food I like best
  • Things I do everyday
  • How I spent last holiday