First Term Examination Food and Nutrition Nursery 2 (Age 4)





CLASS – NURSERY 2 (Age 4) 


1. Bad feeding habit will give us strength.

[a] True

[b] False


2. __________________________ is an example of food.

[a] Rice

[b] Sweet


3. We must wash our hands before and after eating.

[a] Yes

[b] No


4. Eating on the street is very __________________________.

[a] bad

[b] good


5. Playing and shouting should be done while eating.

[a] No

[b] Yes


6. __________________________ is an example of material use in eating/feeding.

[a] Spoon

[b] Book


7. It is good to eat in the toilet.

[a] Yes

[b] No


8. We must learn to cover our food when we are not eating to prevent flies perching on it.

[a] No

[b] Yes


9. Materials used in feeding is called __________________________.



[a] equipment

[b] cutlery


10. Good food gives us __________________________.

[a] money

[b] energy


Examples of cutlery are –

11. __________________________


12. __________________________


13. __________________________


List 2 examples of food

14. __________________________


15. __________________________