First Term Examination for Primary 3 (Basic 3) Exam Questions Volume 1










Read the passage carefully and answer the following question.

l like long Holidays. l like to take trips in our family car. My brother likes to stay at home. Last holiday, My mother took us to her mother’s village. Nee Nwanyioma welcomed us. She was so happy to see us.

Nee Nwanyioma made my favourite foods. l had a plate of fufu and ofe nsala. My brother didn’t eat his food. He likes to eat junk food. He does not like to feed Nee Nwanyioma chickens. He likes to chase them too.

We spent lots of special time together in the village. l was sad to go home at the end of the holiday.



a. Why does the girl like long holiday?

b. How did she feel at the end of the holiday?

c. Junk food means ________

d. Did her brother enjoy the holiday?

e. Where did she go for her holiday?




Choose the correct answer from the options given.

1. She ________ the car yesterday

[a] drive

[b] drove

[c] driven


2. One of these is not a type of noun

[a] uncommon noun

[b] proper noun

[c] common noun


3. My father ________ at the bank.

[a] walks

[b] works

[c] working


4. The baby ________ slept well today.

 [a] had

[b] has

[c] have


5. They ________ caught the thief.

[a] have

[b] had

[c] have


6. Please ________ kunle and l go and visit our friend

[a] will

[b] may

[c] can



7. We have a big house. There is ________ space.

[a] enough

[b] a lot of

[c] no


8. Those books belong to all of us . They are ________.

[a] hers

[b] mine

[c] ours


9. The monkey ate a ________ of banana.

[a] bunch

[b] galaxy

[c] cheap


10. ________ went to visit grandma.

[a] them

[b] l

[c] us


11. The dog belongs to him. It is ________.

[a] ours

[b] mine

[c] his


12. Don’t ________ with fire.

[a] crawled

[b] works

[c] play



13. My hands were dirty, so l ________ them.

[a] wash

[b] washs

[c] washed


14. He has ________ them at one o’clock every day.

[a] visited

[b] visit

[c] sit


15. l have lived in mower ________ two years.

[a] since

[b] for

[c] about


16. She has liked dancing ________ she was small .

[a] about

[b] since

[c] for


17. My brother is going to ________ united states of America.

[a] a

[b] an

[c] the


18. She eats ________ apple everyday.

[a] an

[b] the

[c] a



19. We should ________ our teeth everyday.

[a] brush

[b] brushed

[c] brushing


20. My uncle ________ a new car last month.

[a] buying

[b] buy

[c] bought



Answer all the questions in this section. 

1. Fill in the gaps with collective nouns:

a. A ________ of actors.

b. A ________ of angels.

c. A ________ of insects.

d. A ________ of kings.


2. Complete the table:

Positive               Comparative   Superlative

a. Bad worse           ________         ________

b. Little                    ________         ________

c. Old.                       ________         ________

d. ________         More beautiful  ________



3. Underline the verb from the following sentences:

a. My mother bought a new car.

b. She sang a very good song.

c. Peter and Olu are jumping on the field.

d. My brother won the prize for the best student.


4. Define Noun.

b. Choose the correct pronoun.

a. ( l , it ) like long holidays. ( us , They ) are fun.

b. ( Her , She ) was happy to see ( we, us ) .

c. We packed to go on ( them , our ) holiday.

d. Did ( she, him ) hug her grandmother.


5. Fill in the gaps with correct form of word given in the bracket.

a. The shop sells many ________ ( glass ).

b. She has three beautiful ________ ( child ).

c. My ________ hurt ( tooth ).

d. ________ ( lady ) and ________( gentleman ) the ceremony begins “now’’ said the pastor.





Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. Who got home?

[a] The old woman

[b] The girl

[c] The old man


2. Why was she tired?

[a] because she was mad.

[b] because she was carrying an heavy load.

[c] because she wants to urinate.



3. Whom did she’s expect to find at home?

[a] David

[b] Shade

[c] Rope


4. Why was she angry?

[a] because she did not meet David at home.

[b] because she was injured.

[c] because she was hungry.


5. Where was the woman living?

[a] Igbogbo

[b] Abeokuta

[c] ile – epo


6. ________ is the name of David’s school.

[a] lpaja School

[b] Award school

[c] Mayday school


7. Who sat Outside her house?

[a] the young woman

[b] the old man

[c] the landlord


8. Who was she waiting for?

[a] David

[b] Landlord

[c] Her neighbor



9. What weapon can one make use of to make headway in life?

[a] education

[b] poverty

[c] style


10. Why did David reply his mother that he was no longer a baby?

[a] Because he has grown.

[b] Because he is old.

[c] Because he is working.


11. When did David mother home?

[a] 5.30 pm

[b] 10.30 am

[c] 12.00 pm


12. When did David wake up?

[a] 4. 10 pm

[b] 9. 00 am

[c] 1. 00 pm


13. What was the nick name given to David by His friends?

[a] The great lion

[b] Tiger

[c] snail


14. What excitement did David take to His friends under the baobab tree?

[a] School fees

[b] lesson fees

[c] mood



15. How did David’s friend spend his school fees?

[a] They bought wears.

[b] they bought sneakers.

[c] They bought rice, drinks and cigarettes.



Answer all the questions. 

1. Who was taken to the hospital?

2. What was the reason behind it?

3. Why did David feel guilty?

4. Do you think David was sorry for all his behaviors to his mothers?

5. What kind of love did David’s mother display to her child?





Choose the correct answer from the OPTION. 

1. How many vowel sound are there in ALPHABET?

[a] 10

[b] 5

[c] 3


2. The second vowel is ________.

[a] e

[b] u

[c] o


3. She is as black as ________.

[a] snow

[b] charcoal

[c] gold



4. The pineapple is sweet as ________.

[a] honey

[b] soup

[c] bitterleaf


5. Big and small ; Up and ________.

[a] long

[b] down

[c] load


6. The twenty sixth letter is ________.

[a] A

[b] E

[c] Z


7. How many consonant letter are there in alphabet?

[a] 20

[b] 21

[c] 13


8. The opposite of sister is ________.

[a] father

[b] mother

[c] uncle


9. We ________ happy to be here.

[a] are

[b] was

[c] at


10. Our team ________ the match.

[a] won

[b] win

[c] work


11. The tea is very ________.

[a] hut

[b] hot

[c] hurt


12. How many consonants are there in ZOO?

[a] 4

[b] 0

[c] 1


13. How many vowels are there in Teacher?

[a] 3

[b] 2

[c] 5


14. Form a word; Combine G, G, E ________.

[a] GEG

[b] GGE

[c] EGG


15. The sixth letter is Ff. Which letter comes after it ________.

[a] Gg

[b] Hh

[c] Ii



Answer all the questions. 

1. Choose the words that are similar in meaning e.g Aid – Help.

a. Good – ( Start, Well )

b. Beautiful – ( pretty, Sick )

c. Popular – ( Quarrel, Famous )

d. Idle – ( Lazy, brave )



2. Arrange these words in alphabetical order:

a. Police, Pastor, Plate ________, ________, ________

b. Mistress, Mattress, Magnet ________, ________, ________

c. Zebra, Zenith, Zip ________, ________, ________

d. Dog, Egg, Come ________, ________, ________

e. Carry, Count, Colour ________, ________, ________


3 Alphabetical Patterns:

a. AB CD EF ________, ________, ________

b. JKL MNO PQR ________, ________, ________

c. LMN OPQ RST ________, ________, ________

d. ABC DEF GHI ________, ________, ________


4. Give a word that sounds like each of the following words e.g Eat – It.

a. Ice ________

b. His ________

c. Too ________

d. Buy ________


5. Complete the following similes by choosing the correct word from the bracket e.g. As sharp as Razor.

a. As Green as ________

b. As slow as ________

c. As white as ________

d. As sweet as ________

e. As easy as ________



6. Word and Opposite;

a. Rich ________

b. Black ________

c. Early ________

d. Empty ________

e. Happy ________





Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. What is the name of this symbol < ?

[a] greater than

[b] less than

[c] equal to


2. Write 325 in expanded form.

[a] three hundred and twenty five

[b] 3 hundred 2 tens 5 units

[c] three thousand and 5


3. Write 600 is greater than 400 in symbol.

[a] 600 < 400

[b] 600 = 400

[c] 600 > 400


4. Write 134 is lesser than 1483.

[a] 134 > 1483

[b] 134 < 1483

[c] 134 = 1483


5. Excel had 53 mables when he started the game, he lost 15 marbles, How many does he have left?

[a] 49

[b] 38

[c] 80



6. Bolaji collected 610 newspaper for recycling, Neza collected 241 newspaper, How many newspaper were collected altogether?

[a] 851

[b] 900

[c] 2020


7. Write in figure; Five thousand and one hundred.

[a] 50100

[b] 5000100

[c] 5100


8. What is 3/4 of 56?

[a] 42

[b] 40

[c] 36


9. 9 multiply by 9.

[a] 72

[b] 81

[c] 42


10. 40 divided by 4.

[a] 12

[b] 30

[c] 100


11. Subtract 100 from 350.

[a] 220

[b] 210

[c] 250



12. What is the sum of 219 and 378.

[a] 597

[b] 523

[c] 719


13. What is the fraction of the square shaded?



[a] 2/6

[b] 3/6

[c] 4/6


14. What is the fraction of the circle shaded?


[a] 5/8

[b] 4/8

[c] 3/8


15. What is the value of 3 in 345.

[a] unit

[b] hundred

[c] tens



Attempt all questions. 

1a. Add 402 to 325.

b. What is the sum of these numbers 345 + 302 + 315

c. Abu is collected 610 newspaper for selling. Peter collected 241 newspaper, How much were they altogether?

d. One hundred and twenty five plus thirty.



2a. Subtract 362 from 612.

b. Find the differences between 572 and 231


    H  T   U

   6  7   2

– 1  2   6




3. Solve these:

a. 1/3 of 15 =

b. 1/5 of 100 =

c. 1/4 of 60 =

d. 1/2 of 20 =


4. Write the following numbers in word:

a. 1259 = ________

b. 1010 = ________

c. 356 =  ________

d. 5,678 = ________


5. What fraction of each shape is shaded:

                 a.                            b.                          c.                          d.





Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. Which of these is not a unit for measuring length?

[a] Kilogram

[b] metre

[c] centimeter


2. “ C M “ is the short form of writing.

[a] center meter

[b] centi grade

[c] centimetre


3. Mass simply means ________.

[a] length

[b] weight

[c] space


4. Time can be measured in these units except ________.

[a] second

[b] hour

[c] kilogram


5. How many minutes are there in 1 hour?

[a] 6 minutes

[b] 60 minutes

[c] 24 minutes


6. Which of these soil types is stiff and sticky?

[a] clay

[b] loamy

[c] sandy



7. Air in motion is called ________.

[a] wind

[b] thunder

[c] lightening


8. ________ is one of the gases in air.

[a] monogen

[b] hydrogen

[c] oxygen


9. ________ is the upper most layer of the earth in which plants grow.

[a] water

[b] soil

[c] sky


10. The mass of an objects is the same as its ________.

[a] weight

[b] content

[c] texture


11. The soil used for planting is ________.

[a] loamy soil

[b] sandy soil

[c] clay soil


12. All these are the objects that float in the water except ________.

[a] stone

[b] nylon

[c] boat



13. Man eats both plants and animals.

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] maybe


14. Living things have life.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Not sure


15. Living things can grow and die.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] may be



Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. Define mass.


2a. Define plant and list their examples.

b. List 8 instrument use in measuring kilogram:


3a. Define animals and give their examples.

b. The S. I unit of length is ________.


4a. What is living things?

b. List the characteristics of MR NIGER D.


5a. Define soil.

b. Mention 3 types soil:


6a. Air means ________.

b. List 3 objects that can float and 3 objects that cannot float in the air:

i. ________ and ________

ii. ________ and ________

iii. ________ and ________





Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. ________ marked the beginning of modern day.

[a] automatic calculator

[b] mainframe computer

[c] laptop


2. ________ is an example of early counting device.

[a] fingers

[b] mouth

[c] vision


3. ________ is used to print out our work.

[a] monitor

[b] CPU

[c] Printer


4. A person who has been trained to use an abacus is called ________.

[a] Abacus

[b] Operator

[c] device


5. Speakers give out ________ output.

[a] sound

[b] vision

[c] paper


6. Pascaline was developed by ________.

[a] Edward K

[b] Blaise Pascal

[c] Bola



7. These are body counting device ________.

[a] stone and rock

[b] Stomach and stick

[c] Finger and toes


8. Computer can be used everywhere except ________.

[a] Bank

[b] Heaven

[c] school


9. Presently we are in the ________ generation of computer.

[a] Third

[b] fourth

[c] fifth


10. The abacus was invent in ________.

[a] Nigeria

[b] China

[c] Togo


11. The father of modern computer is ________.

[a] Charles babbage

[b] Michael Hades

[c] John clay


12. One example of input device is the ________.

[a] keyboard

[b] printer

[c] CPU



13. The monitor is like a ________.

[a] television

[b] radio

[c] nylon


14. The part of the computer we can see or touch is called ________.

[a] software

[b] hardware

[c] people ware


15. The mouse controls the ________ on the screen.

[a] keyboard

[b] cursor

[c] CPU



Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1a. Define Input Devices.

b. Mention 3 things African farmers used to count:


2a. The first generation of computer was introduced in what year?

b. Write 3 characteristic of first generation of computer


3. State 5 uses of computer:


4a. What is Abacus?

b. List the examples of input device:

5. Draw a monitor and keyboard.





Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. The ability to do something well is ________.

[a] skill

[b] movement

[c] culture


2. ________ is a football official.

[a] a musician

[b] a referee

[c] an artist


3. ________ means to run slowly as exercise.

[a] Jogging

[b] running

[c] leaping


4. Throwing and catching are skills needed in ________.

[a] basketball

[b] crawling

[c] galloping


5. ________ is not a fundamental movement.

[a] bending

[b] shaking

[c] dancing


6. ________ means to change position or posture.

[a] movement

[b] singing

[c] sleeping



7. Basketball is always play with ________.

[a] leg

[b] hand

[c] head


8. ________ is a source of rhythm.

[a] biro

[b] pencil

[c] drum


9. ________ means to forcefully or quickly up and down or to and fro.

[a] shaking

[b] clapping

[c] bending


10. ________ is not a fundamental movement.

[a] bending

[b] shaking

[c] dancing


11. ________ is an example of machine that makes sound.

[a] opener

[b] blender

[c] table


12. Example of locomotor movement is ________.

[a] crying

[b] sleeping

[c] jumping



13. A Lion ________.

[a] cry

[b] roars

[c] bleats


14. ________ is an example of non locomotor movement.

[a] twisting

[b] hopping

[c] running


15. A person who catches ball at the goal is called ________.

[a] a player

[b] a defender

[c] a goal keeper



Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. Define locomotor movement.

b. List 5 example of locomotor skills.


2. Fill in the gap with movement and sound made by Animals.

Animals  Movement  Sounds

i. Dog            ________ ________

ii. Goat        ________ ________

iii. Horse    ________ ________

iv. Cat          ________ ________

v. Bird          ________ ________



3. Fill in the gap with movement and sound made by machines

Machines         Movement   Sound

i. Trains                 ________ ________

ii. Trains                ________ ________

iii. Aeroplane        ________ ________

iv. Motorcycle       ________ ________

v. Grind machine ________ ________


4. Mention 4 kinds of fundamental movement.


5. State 3 examples of non locomotor movement.

b. How many people will perform throwing and catching ball ________.





Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. The study of flowering plant in the environment and things around us is called ________.

[a] nature

[b] political

[c] vicinity


2. Farm tools make work ________ on the farm.

[a] easy

[b] hard

[c] difficult



3. Food ________ are the chemicals found in needed for growth and body well being.

[a] decay

[b] nutrient

[c] poisoning


4. ________ is a seed bearing part of a plant or tree we eat as food.

[a] Carbohydrate

[b] Vegetable

[c] Fruit


5. Fruit gives the body ________.

[a] vitamins

[b] protein

[c] flavor


6. Body building foods are called ________.

[a] protein

[b] carbohydrates

[c] fat and oil


7. Which of these is not a carbohydrate?

[a] yam

[b] rice

[c] meat


8. Sugar can be obtained from ________.

[a] orange

[b] flower

[c] sugar cane



9. Which of these is a source of carbohydrate?

[a] millet

[b] fish

[c] egg


10. Spinach is an example of vegetable.

[a] yes

[b] no

[c] none of the above


11. All energy giving foods contain ________.

[a] carbohydrate

[b] protein

[c] fat


12. Fruit Juice can be made from ________.

[a] orange and apple

[b] orange and cassava

[c] egg and rice


13. Bitter leaf can be used for ________.

[a] soap

[b] cream

[c] medicine


14. Plant is a living things that has ________.

[a] leaves and root

[b] honey and bee

[c] money and house


15. Fatty foods contain ________.

[a] blood

[b] fat

[c] protein




1. Define energy giving foods.

b. List 3 types of energy giving foods.


2. Define body building foods.

b. List 7 fruit you know.


3. Mention the 2 classification of body building foods with two examples.

b. List the 6 component of food.


4. Vegetable are

b. List the 2 vegetable crops.


5. Define oily and fatty food.

b. List 3 uses of oily and fatty food:





Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. Fatigue means ________.

[a] sleep

[b] tiredness

[c] exercise


2. The process of maintaining the body and making it clean is called ________.

[a] hygiene

[b] diet

[c] poisoning



3. Which part of the body is used in breathing ________?

[a] eyes

[b] mouth

[c] nose


4. ________ is used to remove dirt from the hair and make it neat.

[a] comb

[b] eraser

[c] oil


5. Wadding in water and mud causes ________.

[a] footrot

[b] kwashiorkor

[c] malaria


6. ________ is used to drain water from the body.

[a] towel

[b] hand

[c] bowl


7. ________ is not a reason for wearing cloths

[a] beauty

[b] singing

[c] protection


8. Blouses are worn by ________.

[a] animals

[b] women

[c] men



9. ________ helps to sweat and odour from feet.

[a] skirt

[b] socks

[c] trouser


10. To prevent germs we must keep our finger nails ________.

[a] very long

[b] very short

[c] very dirty


11. ________ can enter the fingernails if they are not trimmed

[a] germs

[b] ants

[c] salt


12. We are expected to ________ our body daily.

[a] bathe

[b] beat

[c] slap


13. Natural hair is made by ________.

[a] man

[b] God

[c] Satan


14. ________ are article for cleaning room.

[a] cutlass and hoe

[b] broom and mop

[c] tree and pot


15. Examples of energy giving food is ________.

[a] beans

[b] meat

[c] yam



Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. Define cloth.

b. List 6 types of cloth.

c. State 3 reasons for wearing cloth.


2. Mention 5 types of footwear and write 2 importance of footwear.


3. What are the steps in cleaning our rooms?

4. List 4 cleaning agent.

b. Mention 10 foodstuff in our locality.


5. Classify the following food under perishable and non – perishable:

Rice, yam, bread, cocoyam, beans, garri –

i. Perishable ________, ________, ________

ii. Non – perishable ________, ________, ________

b. Write 10 parts of the body.





Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. ________ obeyed the commandment of God.

[a] Satan

[b] Pharaoh

[c] Abraham


2. Abraham is a man after ________ heart.

[a] Mose’s

[b] God’s

[c] Satan’s


3. A ________ was hung on the stick in the wilderness.

[a] goat

[b] serpent

[c] flag


4. ________ prayed to God on behalf of the lsrealites.

[a] Paul

[b] Judas

[c] Moses


5. “For God so love the world that he gave His only begotten son“ is found ________.

[a] John 3:14

[b] John 3:15

[c] John 3:16


6. ________ mean God with us.

[a] Jesus

[b] Emmanuel

[c] Christ



7. The Egyptians perished in the ________.

[a] village

[b] red sea

[c] field


8. Where did God call Abraham?

[a] London

[b] India

[c] Haran


9. Did God fulfil his promises to Abraham through Jacob?

[a] yes

[b] No

[c] No idea


10. Whom did God use to deliver Israelite from Egypt?

[a] Joshua

[b] Moses

[c] Aron


11. Passover means ________.

[a] offering

[b] sacrifice

[c] prayer


12. Serpent bite the lsrealites because they ________.

[a] praise God

[b] Laugh

[c] complained


13. During Passover God told children of lsreal to kill ________.

[a] snake

[b] sheep or lamb

[c] rat


14. Whom did God promise to become father of many nation?

[a] Adam

[b] Abraham

[c] Daniel


15. These are precept of Passover except ________.

[a] Eat it haste

[b] No stranger should eat from it

[c] buying the blood from the market




Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. Mention 4 promises of God to Abraham.

2. State 3 precept of passover.

3. Write out the 3 gift presented to Jesus when he was born and who brought the gifts.

4. Who was the person God use to lead lsrealite to the promise land?

b. How did God instructed the lsrealite to use the blood of the lamb?

5. The announcement of the Lord’s coming is found in ________.





1. ________ education is a course of study which teaches the right and duties.

[a] Health

[b] Economic

[c] Civic


2. Patriotism promotes the development of ________ citizens.

[a] good

[b] bad

[c] destroy



3. Patriotism means ________.

[a] hatred

[b] sick

[c] love


4. A good leader must train his mind to ________ rules and regulations.

[a] dishonor

[b] obey

[c] disagree


5. National Identity means ________.

[a] symbols

[b] board

[c] service


6. The country national flag has ________ colours.

[a] 3

[b] 1

[c] 2


7. Payment of taxes is one of the duties of citizens to the government

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


8. A ________ is a person that belongs to a particular country?

[a] foreigner

[b] Tourist

[c] Citizen



9. Civic Education teaches a citizen how to be ________ minded

[a] close

[b] open

[c] foolish


10. ________ aspect involves production of goods and services.

[a] Cultural

[b] Social

[c] Economics


11. A new Nigeria national anthem was introduced in the year ________.

[a] 1960

[b] 1978

[c] 1982


12. The national anthem may be sung in the ________.

[a] church

[b] wedding

[c] school


13. The green colour of Nigeria flag represents ________.

[a] unity

[b] peace

[c] agriculture


14. Who is the governor of Lagos state?

[a] Babajide Sanwo-Olu

[b] Bola Ahmed Tinubu

[c] Akinwunmi Ambode


15. A ________ is a person that directs a team.

[a] junior

[b] senior

[c] coach




Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. What is patriotism?

b. State 3 ways we can show patriotism.


2. Define National symbol.

b. List 3 national symbol in your country.


3. Define National Anthem.

b. Draw a Nigeria Flag and colour it.


4. What does these stands for

i. Green ________

ii. White ________

iii. The horses ________

iv. The eagle ________





Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. A group of people related by blood or marriage is ________.

[a] children in the market

[b] enemy

[c] family


2. The yoruba call God ________.

[a] Allah

[b] Olorun

[b] Chineke



3. Managing complexity can be solve by ________.

[a] hatred

[b] love

[c] fighting


4. Your brother’s daughter is your ________.

[a] nephew

[b] niece

[c] cousin


5. Patriotism means ________.

[a] love

[b] hatred

[c] height


6. What types of marriage is done in church?

[a] court marriage

[b] traditional marriage

[c] Christian marriage


7. ________ is the money a husband pay for her wife during the marriage.

[a] bribe price

[b] dance price

[c] bride price


8. What is religion?

[a] Praying to satan

[b] Going to church

[c] The ways and manner we worship our creator



9. The total ways of life of our people is ________.

[a] culture

[b] behavior

[c] character


10. ________ is the head of the family.

[a] mother

[b] sister

[c] father


11. When a man marries one wife, it is called ________.

[a] monogamy

[b] polygamy

[c] homosexual


12. An ________ lead prayer in mosque.

[a] lmam

[b] doctor

[c] pastor


13. The federal capital of Nigeria is ________.

[a] Lagos

[b] Abuja

[c] Akure


14. Who is your uncle?

[a] The brother of my father and mother

[b] the brother of my mother

[c] the brother of my uncle


15. ________ can cause problem to the extended family

[a] unity

[b] love

[c] conflict




Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1a. Define culture.

b. List the types of culture.


2. Traditional festival is ________.

b. Mention 3 types of festivals


3. Define marriage.

b. Mention 4 types of marriage.


4. What is religion?

b. List the main religion practices in our community.


5. Define Managing complexity?

b. List 3 types of difficulties.