First Term Examination Physical and Health Education Basic 8 (JSS 2)










Answer all QUESTIONS 


1. Leisure means ____________________________________.


2. Physical activities which one does voluntarily during his or her leisure time is__________________.

{a} gymnastic

{b} sports

{c} aquatic

{d} recreation


3. One feature of recreational activities is__________________.


4. Recreational activities are classified into__________________.

{a} 4

{b} 3

{c} 2

{d} 5


5. A good example of outdoor recreational activities is __________________.


6. A typical example of indoor recreational activities is __________________.


7. The dance of a given community from stories in various forms is called __________________ dance.

{a} social

{b} atilogwu

{c} folk

{d} mbonbo


8. There are __________________ Types of dances.

{a} 5

{b} 3



{c} 2

{d} 4


9. High life, jazz, reggae, disco are good examples of __________________. dances,

{a} atilogwu

{b} social

{c} folk

{d} ikpeba


10. The game of table tennis started in the year __________________.

{a} 1988

{b} 1880’s

{c} 1980

{d} 1780


11. It became Olympic game in the year __________________.


12. __________________ Refers to the timing and pace of drama.

{a} gymnastic

{b} aerobic

{c} rhythm

{d} dancing


13. The first emergency treatment giving to a sick or injured person before doctor’s arrival is__________________.


14. One sports injury is__________________.


15. One measure for preventing sports injury is __________________.


16. Activities done inside the field are called __________________ events.

{a} track

{b} field

{c} throw

{d} sector


17. A good example of field event is __________________.


18. One type of jump is __________________.


19. The jump an athlete attempts to jump as far as possible by performing a hop, a step and a jump from the running start is __________________.

{a} high jump

{b} long jump



{c} triple jump

{d} pole vau[t


20. The word :”Athletes” aiso means __________________.

{a} opponent

{b} competitors

{c} performers

{d} jumpers



Section B – Theory

Answer four {4} Questions Only from this section


1a. Distinguish clearly with four {4} examples each indoor recreational activities from outdoor recreational activities.

1b. List four {4} features of recreation.

1c. List four {4} indigenous dances you know.


2a. Discuss the history of table tennis.

2b. Explain briefly two {2} types of dances.


3a Highlight four {4} qualities of a first aider.

3b State five {5} sports injuries you know.

3c Briefly explain two {2} major causes of accident with three{3} examples each.


4a List five {5} contents of the first aid box.



4b State five {5} causes of domestic accidents.

4c Highlight five {5} measures taken to prevent domestic accident.


5a Define field events.

5b List four {4} examples of field events.

5c Mention four {4} types of jump you know.