National Population Census (NPC) Accreditation For Both Enumerators and Supervisors before Training

The National Population Commission has announced plans to accredit the Enumerators and Supervisors before Training, as the commission concludes preparation to train and deploy 623,797 Enumerators, 125,944 Supervisors Nationwide.


The Commission on Friday disclosed that the Accreditation is to Validate the Enumerators and Supervisors before the Training day, to enable the Participants identify their designated Training Centers.


NPC added that the Accreditation will also verify the participants’ availability for the LGA Level Training and ensure smooth commencement of the Training on the main Training day, 11th April, 2023.


According to the NPC, the Accreditation has been slated on Monday 10th April, 2023.


Venue of the Accreditation is the LGA where the Enumerators and Supervisors were Screened. That is, LGA chosen by participants during the NPC Recruitment Registration. The Time for the Accreditation is 8:am to 4:PM.


NPC Enumerator and Supervisor Adhoc Staff Applicants are to present themselves for the Accreditation regardless of receiving Text/ Email Training Invitation or not, with a valid means of Identification and NPC Print Out containing NPC ID Number.


Enumerator and Supervisor Applicants with PENDING Application Status should appear on the day of the Accreditation to receive final decision on  their fate.