Second Term Examination Home Economics Basic 8 (JSS 2)









Answer all the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. The unpleasant smell that comes from the body is called ________________.

[a] perfume

[b] odour

[c] smell

[d] complexion


2. One of the following has no known cure at the moment.

[a] Malaria

[b] HIV / AIDS

[c] Gonorrhea

[d] Syphilis


3. The process where a person prescribes a drug for one self is called self ________________.

[a] discipline

[b] acceptance

[c] injection

[d] medication


4. The way of life of a family is their ________________.

[a] values

[b] goals

[c] resources

[d] life style


5. Unresolved conflicts can lead to ________________.

[a] hostility

[b] peace

[c] harmony

[d] negotiation


6. A situation that marks a turning – point, when things cease to go on as usual in

a family ________________.

[a] crisis

[b] conflict



[c] debate

[d] decision


8. All can lead to family crisis except ________________.

[a] lost of job

[b] arrival of new born baby

[c] arrival of member of family from London

[d] relocation of family


9. The short span of time which marks the beginning of sexual maturation is called ________________.


[a] adolescence

[b] puberty

[c] adulthood

[d] womanhood


10. The monthly flow of blood through the vagina in every woman of child bearing age is called ________________.

[a] puberty

[b] menstruation

[c] adolescence

[d] adulthood


11. One of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease.

[a] Gonorrhea

[b] Syphilis

[c] HIV

[d] Malaria


12. Values are important for their own sake…

[a] iIntrinsic

[b] Instrumental

[c] Life

[d] Aesthetic


13. Conflict in families can arise from any of the following:

[a] situations, personality, unity

[b] personality, situations, affection

[c] situations, personality, power struggles

[d] struggles, personality, care


14. Giving in on some points of disagreement and having your ways in others is ________________.

[a] giving up

[b] surrender

[c] compromise

[d] weakness


15. ________________ supply the body with heat and energy

[a] Carbohydrates and iron

[b] Carbohydrates and fats



[c] Carbohydrates and vegetables

[d] Proteins and iron




Answer all the questions.


1a. State 2 signs of the following diseases: Syphilis and Gonorrhea.

b. Outline five causes of HIV / AIDs

c. List any 3 ways HIV / AIDs people can be taking care of.


2a. What is self medication?

b. State four (4) consequences of self medication.


3. Itemize six ways of preventing body odour b. State 3 causes of body odour.


4. List any 2 places from which a person right is violated may seek help.



b. State the two types of patterns.

c. Write out four uses of patterns.