Second Term Examination Social Studies Basic 1






Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. ____________________ causes malaria.

[a] Cough

[b] Headache

[c] Malaria

2. ____________________ is an example of common illness.

[a] Running

[b] Stomach ache

[c] sleeping

3. Bad food can cause ____________________.

[a] illness

[b] good health

[c] happiness

4. All these are examples of drugs except ____________________.

[a] paracetamol

[b] alabuki

[c] acid

5. Which of these is a hard drug?

[a] Cocaine

[b] Panadol

[c] Blood tonic

6. Taking too much of drugs can improve our health.

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] Maybe

7. We get milk from ____________________.

[a] river

[b] cow

[c] poultry birds

8. We get fish from ____________________.

[a] school

[b] poultry

[c] river

9. We eat food when we are ____________________.

[a] sleeping

[b] bathing

[c] hungry

10. Overdose is very dangerous to our ____________________.

[a] money

[b] food

[c] health

11. Wrong use of drug means ____________________.

[a] drug cell

[b] drug abuse

[c] drug using

12. Harmful substances may lead to loss of memory when taken.

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] Maybe

13. Good food prevent growth and development.

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] Maybe

14. Eating too much of food can cause ____________________.

[a] stomach ache

[b] mouth pain

[c] teeth ache

15. Bad substances can cause ____________________.

[a] death

[b] joy

[c] None


Attempt all questions. 

1. ____________________ means when you are sick.

2. Mention two common illness:

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

3. List two drugs you know:

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

4. State three types of food:

5. ____________________ prescribe drugs for patient.

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. ____________________ is the solid part of the earth surface.

[a] sand [b] stone [c] land

2. Land is a free gift from ____________________.

[a] God

[b] Satan

[c] White men

3. We use stones for ____________________.

[a] washing

[b] building

[c] painting

4. Air cannot be seen but we can ____________________ it.

[a] feel [b] hear [c] touch

5. A ____________________ is fueled with air.

[a] bread

[b] cake

[c] ball

6. Sun provides daylight for people to ____________________.

[a] hear

[b] clap

[c] see

7. ____________________ grow on the soil.

[a] Plants

[b] Babies

[c] Fishes

8. Do we need sun to survive?

[a] Yes [b] No [c] Maybe

9. Rock stones can be used for ____________________ construction.

[a] road

[b] school

[c] stadium

10. ____________________ is a mixture of gases.

[a] Fart

[b] Air

[c] Water

11. We use air to inflate Ballon

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] Maybe

12. Soil provides shelter for some animals.

[a] Yes

[b] No

[c] Maybe

13. We use soil for ____________________.

[a] writing

[b] farming

[c] playing

14. We get vitamin ____________________ from the sun.

[a] B

[b] D

[c] A

15. The sun is very dangerous to our ____________________.

[a] body

[b] sight

[c] hair


Attempt all questions. 

1. ____________________ is the solid portion of the earth surface.

2. List three things found on the land:

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________

3. Write out two things that air can inflate:

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________

4. ____________________ makes us to breathe in.

5. Write out three types of land:

I. ____________________

II. ____________________

III. ____________________