The Future of Nigeria is in Nigeria



The future of Nigeria is not in America, United Kingdom, China, Economy Union, etc. By but it is Nigeria.

Your future is inside of you. It is not in your job or certificate. It is not in London or America.

America, United Kingdom, China, etc. produce what they have. So, their citizens.

Nigeria and I must produce.

We have crude oil, we must produce all the products in crude oil.

We have good soil, we must produce all the products the soil can produce.

We have timbers, we must produce all the products in timbers.

We have iron ore, we must produce all products in Iron ore.

We have rivers, carnal, streams, rainfall and the ocean… All these come with abundant products we can produce.

We have all we needed to survive. We have the resources, including human resources.

Do you see it at all?

The future of Nigeria is in Nigeria.

If Dangote produce in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. This is because he’s doing what a country supposed to be doing.

Let’s answer the call in our National Anthem.

In 2013, let’s ask all political contestants… What can they make Nigeria to produce in crude oil, iron ore, timbers, good soil and other resources.

If they don’t know what we can produce in crude oil, iron ore, etc. Believe me, they don’t worth it.

Boarders closure are not the solution, producing what come through these boarders are absolutely solutions.

I pledge to Nigeria, my country
To be faithful, loyal and honest…

Tell me if these words are not faithful, loyal and honest.


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