Third Term Examination Primary 5 (Basic 5) Term 3 Exam Questions for All the Subjects



There was a certain island in the sea, on which lived an old man whose name was prospero and his daughter miranda. They lived in a house made out of a rock. It was divided into several parts, one of which prospero called labi.

There he kept his book, which briefly treated magic and the knowledge of his art. Prospero by the power of his art set free many good spirit that witch sycorax had shut up in the bodies of large trees, because they had refused to do his wicked commands. These gentle spirits were ever after obedient the will of prospero. Ariel was the chief.



A. Where did the old man live?

B. What was the name of the old man?

C. Who was his companion where he lived?

D. Prospero’s chief obedient spirit was _____.

E. Describe prospero’s house.



INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. A group of words that contain a finite verb is called _____.

[a] letter

[b] phrase

[c] clause


2. The people _____ shocked when they saw gunfire.

[a] is

[b] was

[c] were


3. The secret password of my saving account is know only _____. me and my parents.

[a] from

[b] with

[c] to


4. The workers are _____ our house.

[a] paint

[b] painting

[c] painted


5. He sings _____ than me.

[a] badly

[b] worse

[c] worst


6. Alaba works _____ than Adamu.

[a] more careful

[b] most careful

[c] more carefully


7. If she had listened to us, she _____ be in this trouble.

[a] mightn’t

[b] shouldn’t

[c] wouldn’t


8. Before we continue, we need _____ a leader.

[a] electing

[b] elected

[c] to elect


9. The man screamed _____ pain and ran _____ of the room.

[a] with , into

[b] with , out

[c] in, out


10. They were _____ free tickets to the concerts.

[a] put on

[b] grow back

[c] giving out


11. Don’t worry about your bad hair cut, your hair will _____.

[a] pin down

[b] giving out

[c] grow back


12. They are going to _____ this road. It is too narrow.

[a] wide

[b] widen

[c] widen


13. Lantana was not feeling well. She _____ fever for two days.

[a] has

[b] had

[c] have


14. He learnt to hunt from a _____ natives who lived in the jungle.

[a] tribe

[b] galaxy

[c] create


15. It has _____ by our headmasters.

[a] being observing

[b] being observed

[c] been observed


SECTION C – Attempt all questions in this section.

1. Use the words: Who, which or when.

A. That is the man _____ his house burnt down.

B. In Nigeria we have laws _____ they protect freedom of the press.

C. A scorpion is an insect _____ stings

D. l was not at home _____ the policemen came

E. Let’s find the house _____ kunle built


2. Use these linking word to complete these sentences: although, because or but

A. The dog has big teeth _____ he is very gentle.

B. We got lost _____ he wouldn’t ask for direction.

C. The rain came too late _____ the crops produced a good harvest.

D. He died _____ he was not treated on time.

E. She would have been kidnapped _____ for the timely arrival of the police.


3. Complete the sentences with phrasal verbs. Choose from the patcho below: go out, go in, switch on, come in, cope with.

A. Let’s _____ of the classroom for exercise.

B. It is raining boys, lets _____.

C. The room is hot _____ the fan.

D. Dayo _____ his father in everything he does.

E. Please _____, the room has been set for you.


4. Use the following words to build sentences.

A. Congratulation

B. Anniversary

C. Encouragement

D. Stethoscope

E. Surgeon


5. Change these passive sentences with out agent

a. Segun killed a cat.

b. My mother bought a house.

c. The teacher explained the topic.

d. Bola is cooking yam.

e. Chidima kicked the ball.



Choose one questions from each part.

Part A 

1. Write a composition about my school.

2. Write a composition on girls are more useful in the family.

Part B

3. Write a “ Thank you “ letter to your friend who attended your birthday party with a surprise gifts.

4. Descriptive Essay about a soil.



SECTION A –  Answer all the questions in this section. 

Choose the correct answer from the options.

Underline word that made this sound / i: /

1. Sit – A. Seat B. Kite C. Bake

2. Whole – A. Fail B. Blue C. Key

3. Park – A. Die B. Master C. Teacher


Underline the following transcribed words. 

4. / kaɪt /

[a] Kite

[b] cake

[c] car


5. / wɔːn /

[a] warm

[b] warn

[c] womb


6. / mʌnθ /

[a] mother

[b] month

[c] measure


7. / ˈθɜːzdi /

[a] thunder

[b] tuesday

[c] thursday


Transcribe the following words:

8. Start

[a] / stɑːt /

[b] / sta:t /

[c] / stu:t /


9. Womb

[a] / win /

[b] / wi:n /

[c] / wuːm /


10. Shoe

[a] / ʃu: /

[b] /o: /

[c] / i: /


Underline the option that has the correct stress pattern:

11. [a] soCIALism [b] SOcialism [c] socialiSm

12. [a] MAGnetise [b] magNETise [c] magnetiSE

13. [a] ecoNOmise [b] eCOnomise [c] ECOnomise


Write the correct expression of the following sentences:

14. My landlord gave us quit notice.

15. You better hear me now.

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INSTRUCTION GAttempt all questions. 


Write four words that made sound / i: /. 

A. _____

B. _____

C. _____

D. _____



Transcribe the following words:

A. Luxury _____

B. Roar _____

C. Ego _____

D. Vehicle _____



A. What is intonation?

B. Write the transcribed words

I. / k m ‘ b a i n / _____

II. / ‘w e i / _____

III. / S k’ s e s / _____



Write letter W – Z and transcribe them.



Arrange the following words under the appropriate sound –

Could            /pʊt/

Cool               /njuː/

School           /kʊd/

Put                 /mjuːt/

Tool                /skuːl/

New                /kuːl/

Hoop               /tuːl/

Mute                /huːp/




INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. What attempt did Mr Odion make?

[a] He made an attempt to jump into the fast moving water to end his life.

[b] He made an attempt of cutting his life neck with knife to end his life.

[c] He made an attempt of drinking acid to end his life.


2. What relief did Denzel get from trekking to school?

[a] His father promised to be dropping him in the school.

[b] Kola told him to be joining them home from school to a point where he could be dropped.

[c] His uncle promised to be giving him pocket money.


3. What prevented Denzel from being signed by a foreign club as a professional footballer?

[a] As a result of his short stature.

[b] because he was only ten years old.

[c] because he was effectively only on the left wing.


4. What made a hero out of Danzel?

[a] because of so many kidnappers.

[b] because of the courage he made by raising alarm.

[c] because denzel automatically become a hero.


5. Why didn’t Denzel friend’s bus take him back home in the afternoon?

[a] They were to spend the weekend with their grannies somewhere else in town.

[b] they were to sleep in the school [c] their daddy picked them.


6. What was boma lucky about?

[a] she was fortunate to have almost completed her secondary level before the incident.

[b] she was fortunate to marry.

[c] she started plaiting hair.


7. What kind of advised did Regi give Hafsat?

[a] she advised her to abandoned her husband and children.

[b] she advised him to pack his things and ran out of the house.

[c] she advised him to open a shop.


8. Why did Denzel need his mother urgently?

[a] Because of WAEC registration.

[b] because he want to beg her.

[c] because his father want to see him.


9. How did Mr. Gbengu discourage Denzel on his decision?

[a] He told him not to west the little money he have because no one will help him in university level.

[b] He told him to abandon that construction work and look for better job.

[c] He told him that school is for the rich.


10. What secret did Denzel share with Dolapo?

[a] that he has no school certificate result.

[b] that he has lost his parents.

[c] that he has help.

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11. What surprise did Denzel and others meet at the site?

[a] Mr Gbengu is died.

[b] Mr Gbengu was kidnapped.

[c] Mr Gbengu was absent in the site.


12. What cheering news did Uju bring to Danzel?

[a] bakery business

[b] school business

[c] admission business


13. Why was Denzel sacked from the bakery?

[a] His sister Uju was there.

[b] Bakery manager don’t like him.

[c] Customer’s don’t want him.


14. How did Uju die?

[a] She died because of stress.

[b] She died because of her mother

[c] She died because of abortion.


15. Why was Denzel’s arrested?

[a] because of the business he was doing.

[b] he involved in kidnapping business.

[c] because the stole somebody money.



INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Who was Pa Bayo?

2. Why did Denzel decided to work for international organization?

3. Where did Denzel first work after his one year compulsory youth corps service?

4. What punishment was meted out to the person responsible for Uju’s death?

5. Why did Denzel consider his leaving the bakery as a blessing in disguise?

6. What made Denzel feel the loss of the site work than any other person?

7. Who is the main character in the journey of life we read ?

8. Who is the author of the novel “The journey of life“.

9. Write four moral lessons you have learnt from the story“ The journey of life“.



SECTION A – Choose the correct answer from the options. 

Choose the correct feminine to each of these words: 

1. Gander ______

[a] goose

[b] gooseses

[c] gooseress


2. Fox ______

[a] vixen

[b] foxsesses

[c] foxers


Choose the correct antonym to each of these word. 

3. Compulsory

[a] Mandatory

[b] Voluntary

[c] Necessary


4. Revenue

[a] Expenditure

[b] Temporary

[c] Avenue


Circle the word which does not belong to the group in each group of words.


Over – comer













7. A period of 100 years is called ______.

[a] millennium

[b] century

[c] decade


8. ______ stopped the killing of twin in Nigeria.

[a] Adam slessor

[b] Eve slessor

[c] Mary Slessor


9. Cow and milk, bee and ______.

[a] honey

[b] sweet

[c] oil


Choose the correct letter from the alternatives A – E that can end first and at the same time begin the second word.

10. B e g i ( _____ ) i c e

[a] b

[b] n

[c] k


11. A b o u ( _____ ) e a c h e r

[a] q

[b] t

[c] b


12. Underline the word that sound like HYMN

[a] he

[b] has

[c] him


13. How many consonant are there in INTERNATIONAL.

[a] 5

[b] 8

[c] 10


14. Choose the anagram that can be form for SALT.

[a] Slate

[b] Last

[c] Salty


15. Olu needs some ______ to bake bread.

[a] flower

[b] floor

[c] flour

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SECTION B – Attempt all questions in this section. 


Give the group name of each of the following:

A. Knife, Fork, Pot, Plate, Spoon ______.

B. Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, Zambia ______.

C. Oil, Water, Petrol, Kerosene, Ink ______

D. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ______.

E. Banana, Orange, Cashew, Mango, Apple ______.



Find answers to these questions –

A. lke is taller than Daniel and Yemisi is taller than lke.

Who is the shortest among them? ______

B. l am twenty years old. My older sister is six years older than me.

What is my sister’s age? ______

C. A man is now 30 years older than his wife. If the man is now 40 years.

How old is the wife now? ______

D. Dayo is more brilliant than Segun, Segun is more brilliant than Mike.

Who is the most brilliant? ______



Fill in the gaps with the correct masculine and feminine.

a. Duke ______

b. Hero ______

c. Boy-scout ______

d. Emperor ______



Complete these similes:

a. As ______ as peacock.

b. As ______ as sheep.

c. As ______ as door nail.

d. As ______ as ox.



Form another word by re – arrange the letters of these word:

Sample: Angle – Angel

a. Salt ______

b. Bleat ______

c. Tones ______

d. Hoes ______




INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options A – C. 

1. _____ is the degree of hotness or coldness of the body.

[a] Power

[b] Temperature

[c] Celsius


2. Convert 30º C to degree Fahrenheit.

[a] 86º

[b] 76º

[c] 66º


3. Each of the angles of an equilateral triangle measure _____.

[a] 80º

[b] 60º

[c] 45º


4. Which of the plane shapes has four lines of symmetry?

[a] Rectangle

[b] Square

[c] Triangle


5. Two lines are said to be _____ if they intersect at a right angle.

[a] parallel lines

[b] perpendicular lines

[c] diagonal lines


6. Calculate the lettered angle in the figure below:

[a] 55ª

[b] 45ª

[c] 35ª


7. Name these 3 – dimensional shape?


[a] Prism

[b] Cylinder

[c] Net cylinder


8. How many edges are there in the shape of a cuboid?

[a] 6 edges

[b] 9 edges

[c] 12 edges


9. The distance round a circle or its boundary called _____.

[a] diameter

[b] radius

[c] circumference


10. The measurement from base to top is called _____.

[a] distance

[b] height

[c] perimeter


11. Convert 1001two to base 10?

[a] 910

[b] 1410

[c] 1210


12. Evaluate 11101two – 1011two

[a] 10010two

[b] 10010two

[c] 10011two


13. _____ means the collection, classification analysis, presentation and interpretation of data.

[a] Graph

[b] Tally

[c] Statistics


Study this data and answer and answer the 2, 2, 2, 4, 8, 5, 6, 4, 3, 4

14. What is the mode of the data?

[a] 2

[b] 5

[c] 5


15. The mean is

[a] 40

[b] 15

[c] 4

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Convert 30º C to degree Fahrenheit.

2. Convert 35º F to degree Celsius.

3. Indicate the type of lines in each case?


State 2 each properties of the following plane shapes.

4. Rhombus

5. Square

6. Kite


Write these angle sizes in degrees:

7. 1½ right angle

8. Two third of a right angle

9. 80% of 3 right angle


How many edges are there in the following 3 – dimensional shapes:

10. Cylinder

11. Prism

12. A matches box


13. A wheel of circumference 40cm is for 200 times, what was the distance covered?


Express each of the following in metres:

14. 500 cm

15. 480 cm

16. 10,000 cm

17. Convert 1110two to base 10.


18. In a class the number of pupils who passed English is 40, mathematics 90, science 50, and literature 45. Represent this information in a pictogram.

19. Find the simple interest on ₦600.00 for 4 years at 6% per annum.

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INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Which is not a quality of a good house?

[a] proper ventilation

[b] weak structure

[c] adequately spacious


2. _____ means to be safe, freedom from danger or risk

[a] accident

[b] safety

[c] health


3. _____ is the way of using or handling things well to prevent them from getting Spoilt.

[a] Maintenance

[b] Freedom

[c] Materials


4. _____ means pictorial representation of an object or things.

[a] Cleaner

[b] Drawing

[c] Instrument


5. When a body is heated, its temperate _____.

[a] falls

[b] rises

[c] remains the same


6. The form of energy that flows from one point to another is called _____.

[a] heat

[b] temperature

[c] kelvin


7. _____ thermometer is used to measure relative humidity of the atmosphere.

[a] wet – dry thermometer

[b] wet – dry bulb thermometer

[c] wet – dry glass thermometer


8. Which of these is not a type of electricity?

[a] Statistics electricity

[b] Mercury electricity

[c] Current electricity


9. To convert 77º F to C ) the answer equal _____.

[a] 28º F

[b] 29º F

[c] 25º F


10. There are _____ temperature scales in use to day.

[a] 5

[b] 6

[c] 3


11. The process by which water turns into vapour is called _____.

[a] solidification

[b] vaporization

[c] sewage


12. _____ is a chemical substance which when dissolved in water, it produces hydroxoniumion (HO).

[a] Acid

[b] Water

[c] Food


13. _____ is the contamination of the environment by harmful substances caused by human activities.

[a] Erosion

[b] Pollution

[c] Renewal


14. _____ is a diseases that can be caused by water pollution.

[a] HIV

[b] Malaria

[c] Cholera


15. _____ is the ability to do work.

[a] Work

[b] Energy

[c] Heat

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. State 3 uses of metal.

2. List any 3 safety devices

3. Mention any 4 reasons why maintenance is needed.

4. What is drawing?

5. List any 3 importance of energy conversion that you know with examples.

6. Define clinical thermometer.

7. What is 35º C in Fahrenheit?

8. List three units of temperature with their symbols .

9. Define electricity.

10. Mention any three source of electricity you know.



Third Term Examination Information Technology (Computer Studies) Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2


INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. _____ is what we see when the computer is switched on.

[a] Desktop

[b] Printer

[c] Scanner


2. There are _____ which represent PROGRAMS on a desktop.

[a] devices

[b] icons

[c] menu


3. Wallpaper _____ the screen of a computer.

[a] defaces

[b] damages

[c] beautifies


4. The place where all deleted files and documents are kept is called _____.

[a] document

[b] recycle bin

[c] my computer


5. Which of these devices helps in creating folder?

[a] Speaker

[b] Printer

[c] Mouse


6. A _____ is information on a computer that you store under a particular name.

[a] folder

[b] file

[c] recycle bin


7. _____ can help us to relax our minds after working for so long in the computer.

[a] Computer power

[b] Computer help

[c] Computer game


8. _____ is a network which is connected throughout the world with the help of satellite.

[a] Telephone

[b] Internet

[c] Radio


9. Electronic mail are sent through _____.

[a] television

[b] computer

[c] post office


10. Which of these is a valid e – mail address?

[a] [email protected]

[b] [email protected]

[c] A and B


11. _____ is unique address one has to get before you can send or receive.

[a] E- mail address

[b] WWW

[c] Browser


12. _____ are keys that are used to move the cursor up, down, left and right.

[a] Arrow keys

[b] Command keys

[c] Delete keys


13. There are _____ different actions that can be performed using a mouse.

[a] two

[b] four

[c] three


14. The type of computer which uses continuous values or signals is known as _____.

[a] analog computer

[b] super computer

[c] digital computer


15. The component part of a computer system that can be seen and touches is called _____.

[a] hardware

[b] touchpad

[c] software

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. What is Desktop?

2. List the 4 most common icon found on the desktop.

Define the following:

3. My document

4. Recycle bin

5. Internet explorer

6. Sate how to delete a folder?

7. List any 4 types of computer game.

8. Mention 4 importance of computer game.

9. What is WWW?

10. State 4 uses of internet.

11. What is E – mail address?

12. Define internet.

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Third Term Examination Physical and Health Education Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2


INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. _____ deficiency diseases are diseases caused by poor diets.

[a] Balanced

[b] Nutritional

[c] Proper


2. Lack of _____ causes kwashiorkor.

[a] protein

[b] water

[c] fats and oil


3. If family size is too large, it will affect their _____.

[a] run and reading

[b] nutrition

[c] house


4. Judo is a type of _____ sport.

[a] calm

[b] political

[c] combative


5. A judo was founded by _____.

[a] Queen Elizabeth

[b] Jigoro Kano

[c] Judoka Jigiwa


6. The type of swimming where the swimmer faces up throughout is called _____.

[a] butterfly stroke

[b] back stroke

[c] front stroke


7. _____ are agents that causes diseases.

[a] Pathogen

[b] Intensive

[c] Extensive


8. One of the prevention of pathogens is _____.

[a] dirty surrounding

[b] neat surrounding

[c] pollutant surrounding


9. Diseases that can easily transferred from one person to another is called _____.

[a] non communicable disease

[b] communicable disease

[c] inner communicable disease


10. Marks or indications of illness is known as _____.

[a] signs and care

[b] signs and remove

[c] signs and symptoms


11. Using drugs above the prescribed dose is called _____.

[a] drug overuse

[b] drug underuse

[c] drug users


12. Activities with regular pattern of sound, movements or events are called _____.

[a] irregular activities

[b] disorder activities

[c] rhythmic activities


13. The playing court of volleyball is measured _____.

[a] 26 m by 14 m

[b] 26 m by 28 m

[c] 12 m by 12 m


14. A physical exercise performed in order to develop or display physical fitness are called _____.

[a] jerks

[b] gymnastics

[c] hopping


15. _____ is amusement or pleasure after work.

[a] recreation

[b] hockey

[c] boating

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Identify the 6 classes of food we have?

2. Enumerate 4 importance of Judo.

3. State 3 types of Swimming.

4. List 3 ways of preventing pathogens diseases

5. Write 4 signs and symptoms of sickness and illness you know.

6. Mention 4 types of communicable diseases.

7. List 4 effect of drinking alcohol and tobacco.

8. State 4 factors that can lead to drug abuse.

9. What is diseases?

10. Mention 4 ways by which diseases can be spread to the human body.

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Third Term Examination Agriculture Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2


INSTRUCTION – Attempt all the questions in this section. Choose the correct answer from the OPTIONS A – C. 

1. One of these is not pest of crop plants.

[a] Monkeys

[b] Bird

[c] Cassava tree


2 _____ are living organisms that destroy crop plant.

[a] Farm tools

[b] Pests

[c] Ghost


3. Crop _____ means unhealthy condition of crop plants.

[a] steam

[b] photosynthesis

[c] disease


4. All these are casual agent of crop disease except _____.

[a] dew

[b] fungi

[c] bacteria


5. The first step involve in raising school farm is _____.

[a] clear the farm

[b] prepare materials for planting

[c] plant the crops


6. _____ is the act of rearing animals.

[a] Animal destruction

[b] Animal husbandry

[c] Animal healthy


7. _____ is one of the general requirement for livestock production.

[a] Medical care

[b] Animal destruction

[c] Disease


8. The home of pig is called _____.

[a] sty

[b] pen

[c] coop


9. Young animals need all these to grow well except _____.

[a] balanced food

[b] dirty water

[c] adequate medication


10. Which of the words is similar in meaning to starvation?

[a] Nourishment

[b] Feeding

[c] Malnourishment


11. _____ production simply means the rearing of animals for the benefit of man.

[a] Livestock

[b] Virus

[c] Bacterial


12. _____ is not a way of caring for school farm crops.

[a] Weeding

[b] Watering

[c] Burning


13. Legumes are _____.

[a] protein rich grains

[b] vitamin rich games

[c] sugar rich games


14. Dicotyledonous plants pollinate by _____.

[a] wind

[b] insects and birds

[c] animals


15. Animals on a farm, kept for use or profit are called _____.

[a] husbandry

[b] livestock

[c] laughing stock

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section.

1. Define Pest.

2. Mention the 3 classes of pests.

3. State 3 steps involved in raising school farm.

4. List 4 animals that can be reared in the school farm.

5. What is livestock?

6. State 3 general requirement for livestock PRODUCTION.

Write one components of each of these animal feeds:

7. Pig

8. Cow

9. Chicks

10. Mention 3 effects lack of care on the growing animals.

11. There are 2 ways in which housing can be provided for cattle name them?

12. Another words for starvation is _____.

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INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Some simple clothing articles are these except _____.

[a] apron

[b] tray cover

[c] paper mache


2. _____ is not a material needed for making simple articles.

[a] Fabric

[b] Scissor

[c] Tailoring machine


3. _____ is a garment for covering and protecting the front of Clothes.

[a] Cap

[b] Apron

[c] Thimbles


4. _____ is not a material needed for the production of apron.

[a] Brown paper

[b] Machine thread

[c] Match stick


5. The first step involve in preparing the pocket for apron is _____.

[a] remove tacking thread and press apron

[b] stitch each firmly

[c] tack neckband, belts and pocket in the proper positions.


6. Dry cleaning is _____ method of cleaning some of our special materials.

[a] fair

[b] useless

[c] an effective


7. In removing stains from our clothing materials we must first identify _____ of the stain.

[a] reason

[b] cause

[c] way


8. _____ is the method of joining two pieces of materials together.

[a] Steam

[b] Mending

[c] Blade


9. To mend clothes is to _____ them.

[a] tear

[b] repair

[c] damage


10. _____ is the method of joining or stitching together with needle and thread.

[a] Damage

[b] Sewing

[c] Removing


11. The process of preparing food by heating it is called _____.

[a] salad

[b] cooking

[c] icing


12. _____ is the process of cooking food in hot oil.

[a] Steaming

[b] Frying

[c] Boiling


13. _____ is a substance for rubbing surfaces to make them shine.

[a] Stone

[b] Water

[c] Polish


14. _____ is an example of home made cleaning agent.

[a] Scouring powder

[b] Stone

[c] Toothpaste


15. A/an _____ is a place for washing clothes, etc commercially.

[a] abattoir

[b] knacker yard

[c] laundry

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. State 5 relevant clothing articles you know.

2. Mention any three materials used in making simple relevant articles.

3. State two procedure involved in making apron.

4. Explain what you understand by the term maintenance of clothing.

5. List three ways of caring for clothes.

6. Define patching.

7. State in three steps preparation of pocket for apron.

8. Mention three types of household pests.

9. State three ways of removing stains in our clothes.

10. What is sewing?

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Third Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2


INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. A good Christian must have _____.

[a] physical spirit

[b] whole spirit

[c] Holy Spirit


2. The trinity is made up of the father, the son and _____.

[a] Angel

[b] Holy Spirit

[c] God


3. Jesus Christ referred to the holy spirit as the _____.

[a] comforter

[b] destroyer

[c] hatred


4. Which of these is not a reason to love other people?

[a] It is commanded by God.

[b] It is bad.

[c] It is good.


5. The bible command us to _____ our neighbor like ourselves.

[a] hate

[b] love

[c] disrespect


6. For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son is found in _____.

[a] John 4 : 8 – 10

[b] John 3 : 16

[c] Acts 6 : 2 – 5


7. _____ is a return or recompense for service or merit.

[a] Punishment

[b] Salary

[c] Reward


8. 1 John 4 : 8 tell us that God is _____.

[a] powerful

[b] love

[c] wicked


9. _____ showed love to the wounded man.

[a] Judas lscariot

[b] John

[c] The good samaritan


10. All these are fruits of the spirit except _____.

[a] peace

[b] joy

[c] disobedience


11. The holy spirit helps Christian to be in unity.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Not sure


12. The disciples were in _____ on the day of Pentecost.

[a] Nazareth

[b] one accord

[c] disunity


13. How many disciples were present on the day of Pentecost.

[a] 10

[b] 11

[c] 12


14. _____ is what we get for whatever we do.

[a] Hatred

[b] Reward

[c] Dishonest


15. Who did God gave the ten commandment to?

[a] Joshua

[b] Pharaoh

[c] Moses

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all question in this section. 

1. Explain who the holy spirit is?

2. Define truth.

3. Explain how the Holy Spirit makes us faithful.

4. Narrate the influence of the holy spirit in our daily lives.

5. Explain the reason why we should love one another.

6. State 3 importance of loving one another.

7. Define reward.

8. Write three rewards of working in the holy spirit.

9. Briefly explain how God demonstrate love to us?

10. Quote what was written in John 3 : 16.

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Third Term Examination Civic Education Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2


INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. _____ is moral or legal responsibilities.

[a] Duty

[b] Contract

[c] Power


2. _____ is one of the duties of children at home.

[a] Fighting

[b] Running errands

[c] Causing trouble


3. A good citizen should perform his duties and obligation _____.

[a] forcefully

[b] anyhow

[c] willingly


4. When citizens fail to pay taxes, government would have enough to spend.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Not sure


5. _____ are groups which influence government decisions.

[a] Political parties

[b] Government parties

[c] Pressure group


6. What is the full meaning of NLC?

[a] Nigeria Labour Congress

[b] Nigeria Labour Communication

[c] Nigeria Labour Community


7. _____ is a way of pressure groups makes their intention known to the government.

[a] Protest

[b] Dinning with the government

[c] Praising government


8. _____ is a government of the people by the people and for the people.

[a] Pressure group

[b] Political party

[c] Democracy


9. A civil society works _____ of the people.

[a] for the welfare

[b] against the welfare

[c] for the failure


10. One of the disadvantages of pressure group is that they are sometimes used by political opponent to _____ the government.

[a] praise

[b] blackmail

[c] appreciate


11. Which of these is a right attitude to work?

[a] Laziness

[b] Delay and postponement

[c] Success


12. Which of these agencies is in charge of natural disasters in Nigeria?

[a] EFCC

[b] NEMA

[c] WHO


13. A disaster is _____.

[a] a good happening

[b] great or sudden misfortune

[c] good news


14. There are _____ arms of government.

[a] 8

[b] 15

[c] 3


15. _____ is concerned with goodness or badness of human character or behaviour.

[a] Moral

[b] Characterization

[c] Status

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all question in this section. 

1. State 4 duties of pupils in a school.

2. Explain four things that will happen if the citizens of a country do not perform their duties.

3. What is social justice?

4. List 4 things pressure group want from government.

5. Write 3 disadvantages of Laziness.

6. What is civil society organization?

7. State 4 characteristics of civil society organization.

8. What is moral education?

9. List 4 four importance of moral education.

10. Define work.

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Third Term Examination Security Education Primary 5 (Basic 5) Exam Questions (91 Multiple Choice and 38 Theory Questions)


Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. The Nigeria prisons service are in charge of the _____.

[a] prison

[b] police

[c] army


2. The prison is where _____ are kept.

[a] offenders

[b] students

[c] teachers


3. The Nigeria Police force has the following duties except _____.

[a] maintaining law and order

[b] arresting criminals

[c] killing people


4. The department of operation is in charge of _____.

[a] allowing crime

[b] crime prevention

[c] judging criminals


5. The _____ ensures highways are safe.

[a] FRSC




6. The _____ is in charge of Lagos state roads


[b] FRSC



7. The _____ ensures fake drugs and hard drugs are not imported/exported.



[c] FRSC


8. The _____ ensures food, drugs, water, etc are tested before sales.





9. The Nigerian Armed forces include the folloing except _____.

[a] NAVY

[b] ARMY



10. A person who has been sentenced by a judge in a court for crime committed and being punished in an environment is called _____.

[a] prisoner

[b] cultist

[c] murderer


11. A prison officer can kill a prisoner who has done nothing wrong.

[a] True

[b] false

[b] Maybe


12. The following are duties of NSCDC except _____.

[a] maintaining law and order

[b] stealing from citizens

[c] protecting lives and properties citizens


13. ICPC eliminates _____ in the country.

[a] fight

[b] corruption

[c] defence


14. KAI deals with _____ law.

[a] military

[b] environmental

[c] custom


15. KAI ensures people take overhead bridge rather than crossing the highways.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. What is the full meaning of ICPC?

2. Write 2 duties of ICPC.

3. What is the full meaning of KAI?

4. List 4 duties of KAI.

5. NAFDAC means _____.

6. Mention 2 duties of NAFDAC.

7. What is the full meaning of LASTMA and 2 duties of them?

8. List 8 Nigeria agencies and their meaning.



Third Term Examination Social Studies Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions Volume 1 and 2


INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options A – C. 

1. All these are materials required in house construction except _____.

[a] iron roofing sheet

[b] bricks

[c] sculpture


2. People living in _____ settle have better access to social amenities.

[a] rural

[b] urban

[c] underwood


3. The number of people living in a particular area is called _____.

[a] housing

[b] population

[c] census


4. Personal hygiene can also be called _____.

[a] personal cleanliness

[b] personal interest

[c] personal treat


5. Which of these promotes physical hygiene?

[a] Regular exercise

[b] Inadequate meal

[c] Accident


6. Which of these is not a consequences absence of moral responsibilities?

[a] Respect and honesty

[b] Indiscipline

[c] Abnormal


7. _____ pollution means air containing harmful substances dangerous to life.

[a] Water

[b] Air

[c] Land


8. _____ disaster are caused by actions of human being and animals.

[a] Cultural

[b] Natural

[c] Unnatural


9. _____ roles are roles which nature has given to male and females.

[a] Sex

[b] Solution

[c] Comparison


10. One of the differences between man and woman is _____.

[a] talk

[b] pregnancy

[c] eating


11. One of the factors that can hinder growth in children is _____.

[a] cleanliness

[b] inadequate diet

[c] personal hygiene


12. All these are effects of abuse of stimulants.

[a] Restlessness

[b] Sleepiness

[c] Excellent work performance


13. There are _____ geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

[a] 3

[b] 5

[c] 6


14. _____ means working or aching together to achieve a particular aim.

[a] Organization

[b] Co-operation

[c] Politics


15. A person who want to develop good saving habit must not be _____.

[a] prudent

[b] extravagant

[c] disciplined

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INSTRUCTION – Attempt all questions in this section. 

1. Describe the feature of a good house?

2. Mention four ways by which you can keep yourself physically fit?

3. List 3 factors contributing to drug abuse.

4. State three ways that air pollution can be reduced?

5. What is disaster?

6. Mention 3 effects of natural disaster.

7. State  2 advantages and two disadvantages of mechanized agriculture.

8. List 3 problem of mechanized agriculture.

9. What is the meaning of Gender discrimination?

10. State 3 differences between man and woman.



Third Term Examination History Primary 5 (Basic 5) Exam Questions


INSTRUCTION – Choose the correct answer from the options A – C. 

1. Independence is likened to ______.

(a) imprisonment

(b) freedom

(c) journey


2. ______ gave Nigeria independence.

(a) Britain

(b) America

(c) Ghana


3. Nigeria’s independence was celebrated in ______.

(a) Kano

(b) Ogun

(c) Lagos


4. TBS stands for ______.

(a) Trust Bank Society

(b) Tafawa Balewa Square

(c) Toward Better School


5. ______ is one of those who fought Nigeria independence.

(a) Tinubu

(b) Awolowo

(c) Buhari


6. Race course is renamed as ______.

(a) Obafemi Awolowo University

(b) Muritala International Airport

(c) Tafawa Balewa Square


7. Nigeria became a republic in ______.

(a) 1963

(b) 1960

(c) 1964


8. A patriot loves his country.

A. Yes

B. No

C. Not really


9. Enugu is located at the ______ part of Nigeria.

(a) Northern

(b) Southern

(c) Eastern


10. The British rule lasted for ______ years.

(a) 78

(b) 59

(c) 25


11. The last name of Samuel Ajayi is ______.

(a) Crowther

(b) Crowder

(c) Crows


12. People from Kaduna state are from the ______ part of the country.

(a) Southern

(b) Western

(c) Northern


What is slogan of each of the following state?

13. Edo State

14. Lagos state

1 5. Kaduna



INSTRUCTION – Attempt all the questions in this section. 

1. Define federation.

2. What is a republic?

3. Nigeria became independent in ______.

4. Mention 3 people that participated in the independence day celebration.

5. List out the 3 major regions in Nigeria.

6. Who was the first elected president in Nigeria?

7. Define traditional religion.

8. Write out 3 items traditional worshippers use.

9. Mention 5 local government area in Lagos state.