First Term Examination English Studies Primary 2 (Basic 2)

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Yinka is in the kitchen with mother. Yinka wants to help her. Mother is stirring something in a big pot. There are apples and bananas on the table. There is a big bolw too. Mother says, “ put the fruit in the bowl, please. “

Now Kehinde is in the kitchen with mother. He wants to help her too. Mother is chopping vegetables on the table. There are two carrots, three potatoes and beans . There is one tomato too. Mother says , “ Give me a pot, please. “



a. Who is in the kitchen with Yinka?

b. What fruits are on the table?

c. What does mother say to Yinka?

d. What do the children want to do in the kitchen?

e. Why does mother ask kehinde for a pot?




Fill in the spaces with the correct form of words

1. Everybody ___________________ a ruler.
[a] many

[b] has

[c] have


2. He stood ____________ her mother.

[a] buy

[b] it

[c] bye


3. There are six __________ in the room

[a] lady

[b] ladys

[c] ladies


4. Praise is ____________ obedient

[a] an

[b] a

[c] we


5. My name ___________ peter.

[a] are

[b] were

[c] is


6. Some books ____________ torn.

[a] were

[b] was

[c] when


7. She ________ her friend last week.

[a] see



[b] saw

[c] seen


8. The tortoise walked ______________.

[a] madly

[b] slowly

[c] fast


9. The monkey ate a _______________ of banana

[a] key

[b] band

[c] bunch


10. Never _______________ with a sharp knife

[a] cut

[b] run

[c] play


11. She _______________ her face every morning

[a] washed

[b] wash

[c] washes


12. July comes ____________ June

[a] before

[b] after

[c] last


13. Ayo _______________ the plants

[a] waters

[b] water

[c] watered


14. She likes to _______________.

[a] sang

[b] song

[c] sing


15. December is the _______________ month of the year

[a] first

[b] last

[c] third




Fill in the gaps with these words

1. Match each word with the correct meaning.

a. Medicine   –   the room in a home where you store or prepare food.

b. Burn           –   something that you put things in.



c. Kitchen      –   a break from school or work.

d. Holiday      –   ills or syrup you take when you are sick.

e. Suitcase    –   to destroy something with fire.


2. Fill in the spaces with the correct plural words

a. The _______________ are big (potato).

b. The has lost his new pair of _______________ (shoe).

c. My _______________ hurt (tooth)

d. She has three beautiful _______________ (child)

e. l have five _______________ (book)


3. Words and opposite

a. Boy _______________

b. Father _______________

c. _______________ Slow

d. Happy _______________

e. _______________ Small


4. Underline the adjectives in the sentences.

a. l have a new pencil

b. Solomon was a wise man

c. He was a happy king

d. We read an interesting book

e. Dayo wore a purple dress


5. Present Tense – Past Tense

a. See _______________

b. _______________ Came



c. Eat ___________________

d. Sit ___________________

e. _______________ Slept


6. Use few or little to complete these sentences

a. A _______________ tea

b. A _______________ mangoes

c. A _______________ toys

d. A _______________ meat

e. A _______________ dresses



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