Third Term Examination Computer Studies Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions

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Attempt all the questions.


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. _____________ is what we see when the computer is switched on.

[a] Desktop

[b] Printer

[c] Scanner


2. There are _____________ which represent PROGRAMS on a desktop.

[a] devices

[b] icons

[c] menu


3. Wallpaper _____________ the screen of a computer.

[a] defaces



[b] damages

[c] beautifies


4. The place where all deleted files and documents are kept is called _____________.

[a] document

[b] recycle bin

[c] my computer


5. Which of these devices helps in creating folder?

[a] Speaker

[b] Printer

[c] Mouse


6. A _____________ is information on a computer that you store under a particular name.

[a] folder

[b] file

[c] recycle bin


7. _____________ can help us to relax our minds after working for so long in the computer.

[a] Computer power

[b] Computer help

[c] Computer game


8. _____________ is a network which is connected throughout the world with the help of satellite.

[a] Telephone

[b] Internet

[c] Radio


9. Electronic mail are sent through _____________.

[a] television



[b] computer

[c] post office


10. Which of these is a valid e – mail address?

[a] [email protected]

[b] [email protected]



11. _____________ is unique address one has to get before you can send or receive.

[a] E- mail address

[b] WWW

[c] Browser


12. _____________ are keys that are used to move the cursor up, down, left and right.

[a] Arrow keys

[b] Command keys

[c] Delete keys


13. There are _____________ different actions that can be performed using a mouse.

[a] two

[b] four

[c] three


14. The type of computer which uses continuous values or signals is known as _____________.

[a] analog computer



[b] super computer

[c] digital computer


15. The component part of a computer system that can be seen and touches is called _____________.

[a] hardware

[b] touchpad

[c] software


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Attempt all questions in this section. 


A. What is Desktop?

B. List the 4 most common icon found on the desktop.



A. Define the following:

I. My document

II. Recycle bin

III. Internet explorer


B. Sate how to delete a folder?



A. List any 4 types of computer game.

I. _____________

II. _____________

III. _____________

IV. _____________



B. Mention 4 importance of computer game.



A. What is WWW?

B. State 4 uses of internet.

I. _____________

II. _____________

III. _____________

IV. _____________



A. What is E – mail address?

b. Define internet.


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