Third Term Examination Agriculture Primary 5 (Basic 5) – Exam Questions

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Attempt all the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. One of these is not pest of crop plants.

[a] Monkeys

[b] Bird

[c] Cassava tree


2 ___________ are living organisms that destroy crop plant.

[a] Farm tools

[b] Pests

[c] Ghost


3. Crop ___________ means unhealthy condition of crop plants.

[a] steam



[b] photosynthesis

[c] disease


4. All these are casual agent of crop disease except ___________.

[a] dew

[b] fungi

[c] bacteria


5. The first step involve in raising school farm is ___________.

[a] clear the farm

[b] prepare materials for planting

[c] plant the crops


6. ___________ is the act of rearing animals.

[a] Animal destruction

[b] Animal husbandry

[c] Animal healthy


7. ___________ is one of the general requirement for livestock production.

[a] Medical care

[b] Animal destruction

[c] Disease


8. The home of pig is called ___________.

[a] sty

[b] pen

[c] coop


9. Young animals need all these to grow well except ___________.

[a] balanced food



[b] dirty water

[c] adequate medication


10. Which of the words is similar in meaning to starvation?

[a] Nourishment

[b] Feeding

[c] Malnourishment


11. ___________ production simply means the rearing of animals for the benefit of man.

[a] Livestock

[b] Virus

[c] Bacterial


12. ___________ is not a way of caring for school farm crops.

[a] Weeding

[b] Watering

[c] Burning


13. Legumes are ___________.

[a] protein rich grains

[b] vitamin rich games

[c] sugar rich games


14. Dicotyledonous plants pollinate by ___________.

[a] wind



[b] insects and birds

[c] animals


15. Animals on a farm, kept for use or profit are called ___________.

[a] husbandry

[b] livestock

[c] laughing stock


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Attempt all questions in this section.1


A. Define Pest.

B. Mention the 3 classes of pests.

I. _________________

II. _________________

III. ________________



A. State 3 steps involved in raising school farm.

I. _________________

II. _________________

III. ________________



B. List 4 animals that can be reared in the school farm.

I. _________________

II. _________________

III. ________________

IV. _________________



A. What is livestock?

B. State 3 general requirement for livestock PRODUCTION.

I. _________________

II. _________________

III. ________________



A. Write one components of each of these animal feeds:

I. Pig

II. Cow

III. Chicks


b. Mention 3 effects lack of care on the growing animals.

I. _________________

II. _________________

III. ________________



A. There are 2 ways in which housing can be provided for cattle name them?

I. _________________

II. _________________



B. Another words for starvation is ________________.


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