First Term Examination Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) Basic 7 (JSS 1)







SECTION A – Answer all Questions


Instruction: Choose the correct option from the alternatives A-D


1. God is Omnipotent. This means that He is __________________.

(a) all powerful

(b) authority

(c) everywhere

(d) attentive


2. God created the __________________ on the second day.

(a) vegetation

(b) sun and moon

(c) firmament

(d) animals


3. All these are reasons for marriage except __________________.

(a) companionship

(b) procreation

(c) responsibility

(d) regret


4. __________________ is a consequence of disobedience.

(a) salvation

(b) sense of guilt

(c) long life

(d) promotion


5. Esau showed that he was sincere in his reconciliation by __________________ from Jacob.

(a) running away

(b) kissing and expecting a feast

(c) accepting the gifts

(d) bowing down



6. A sovereign is a __________________.

(a) supervisor

(b) forceful ruler

(c) world ruler

(d) supreme ruler


7. God is __________________ because He sees everything in the world.

(a) Omniseeth

(b) Omniseer

(c) Omnisecret

(d) Omniscient


8. All these are the importance of the creation story except __________________.

(a) God created the world by His power

(b) God created the world in orderly manner

© God created a clean and beautiful world

(d) God gave animals dominion over man


9. Which one of these is not a way of reconciling with one another?

(a) embracing

(b) gift giving

(c) embarrassing

(d) shaking hands


10. “Be fruitful and multiply”, this simply means __________________.

(a) companionship

(b) procreation

(c) responsibility

(d) marriage


11. God created the __________________ on the fifth day.

(a) sea and animals

(b) land animals and man

© heavenly bodies

(d) light and firmament


12. All except one is not a name of God in Yoruba language.

(a) Eleda

(b) Olorun

(c) Orise

(d) Aondo


13. All these are the causes are the causes of marital failure except …………….

(a) fidelity

(b) childlessness

(c) infidelity

(d) poverty


14. Before light was created, there was total __________________.

(a) clouds

(b) water

(c) darkness

(d) love



15. God created animals and vegetation with His __________________.

(a) Angels

(b) Armies

(c) spoken words

(d) Saints


16. Who first ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of god and evil?

(a) Adam

(b) serpent

(c) Eve

(d) God


17. __________________ is the union of a man and women.

(a) procreation

(b) obedience

(c) attribute

(d) marriage


18. The process of restoring good relationship that had been broken between two or more people is referred to as __________________.

(a) repentance

(b) reconciliation

(c) obedience

(d) commitment


19. God created man and breathed into his nostrils, the __________________.


20. “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the __________________ you shall not eat”.


Section B – Theory

Attempt all questions . 


1a. What is disobedience?

1b. Give four consequences of disobedience.


2a. What is an attribute?

2b. Explain the five attributes of God.


3a. What is the difference between creation and invention?

3b. Give and explain three functions of marriage.


4a. Narrate God’s creation of the world from day 1 to day 7.

4b. Give three reasons for reconciliation.


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