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Eighth Week Lesson Plan Outline Basic 6

Basic 6

First Term

Lesson Plan for Week 8

Teacher’s Basic 6

  1. Name:
  2. School:
  3. Term:
  4. Duration:
  5. Age:
  6. Class:
  1. Basic Science
  2. Information Technology (Computer Studies)
  3. Physical and Health Education
  1. Agriculture
  2. Home Economics 
  1. Christian Religious Studies
  2. Civic Education
  3. Islamic Religious Studies
  4. Security Education
  5. Social Studies
  • Basic Science (BST) 

Growing Crops 

  1. Growing Crops with Compost
  2. Growing Crops with Fertilizer
  3. Conditions for Better Crops
  4. Importance of Manure and Fertilizers to the Soil
  • Information Technology (Computer Studies)

Word Processor Skills

  • Physical and Health Education 


  1. History of Football in Nigeria
  2. Football Facilities and Equipments
  3. Dimension of Football Pitch
  • Cultural and Creative Art 

Introduction to the Tie and Dye

  1. Meaning of Tie and Dye
  2. Methods of Making Tie and Dye Products
  • English Studies 
  1. Speech Work: Argumentative Essay
  2. Reading Comprehensive – 
  3. Writing: Argumentative Essay – Science does more harm to humanity than good
  4. Structure: Instructions
  5. Grammar: Prepositions – Meaning and Usage
  6. Dictation: Teaching New Words
  7. Verbal Aptitude
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  • Agriculture
  • Home Economic 

Meal Services and Entertainment

  1. Meaning of Meal Service
  2. Types of Meal Service
  3. Importance of Importance of Meal Service
  4. Materials required for Meal Service
  • Christian Religious Studies 

The Epistles of Paul

  1. The places visited by Paul
  2. Reasons for Paul’s Letters
  • Civic Education 


  1. Meaning of Patriotism
  2. How to Show Patriotism
  3. Qualities of Patriotic Citizens
  • Islamic Religious Studies 

Tawhid and Fiqh: Revision of the Lesson taught on Ghuslu and Zakat

  1. Meaning of Ghuslu and Zakat
  2. Reasons for performing Ghuslu
  3. Items to be used for Zakat
  • Security Education 
  • Social Studies 

Wages and Income Distribution

  1. Concept of Wages and Income Distribution
  2. Relationship between Income and Standard of Living
  3. Causes of Wage Increase
  4. Aspects of Income Management
  • Yoruba 
  1. Ede: 
  2. Ásà
  3. Litireso 
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