First Term Examination Literature in English Primary 3 (Basic 3) – Exam Questions

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INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 





Answer all the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options. 

1. Who got home?

[a] The old woman

[b] The girl

[c] The old man


2. Why was she tired?

[a] because she was mad.

[b] because she was carrying an heavy load.

[c] because she wants to urinate.


3. Whom did she’s expect to find at home?

[a] David

[b] Shade

[c] Rope


4. Why was she angry?

[a] because she did not meet David at home.

[b] because she was injured.

[c] because she was hungry.


5. Where was the woman living?

[a] Igbogbo

[b] Abeokuta

[c] ile – epo


6. ___________________ is the name of David’s school.

[a] lpaja School

[b] Award school

[c] Mayday school



7. Who sat Outside her house?

[a] the young woman

[b] the old man

[c] the landlord


8. Who was she waiting for?

[a] David

[b] Landlord

[c] Her neighbor


9. What weapon can one make use of to make headway in life?

[a] education

[b] poverty

[c] style


10. Why did David reply his mother that he was no longer a baby?

[a] Because he has grown.

[b] Because he is old.

[c] Because he is working.


11. When did David mother home?

[a] 5.30 pm

[b] 10.30 am

[c] 12.00 pm


12. When did David wake up?

[a] 4. 10 pm

[b] 9. 00 am

[c] 1. 00 pm


13. What was the nick name given to David by His friends?

[a] The great lion

[b] Tiger

[c] snail



14. What excitement did David take to His friends under the baobab tree?

[a] School fees

[b] lesson fees

[c] mood


15. How did David’s friend spend his school fees?

[a] They bought wears.

[b] they bought sneakers.

[c] They bought rice, drinks and cigarettes.




Answer all the questions. 


1. Who was taken to the hospital?



2. What was the reason behind it?



3. Why did David feel guilty?





4. Do you think David was sorry for all his behaviors to his mothers?



5. What kind of love did David’s mother display to her child?