Exam Questions – First Term Examination Social Studies Primary 3 (Basic 3)






INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




Answer all the questions in this section. 


Choose the correct answer from the options: 

1. A group of people related by blood or marriage is __________________.

[a] children in the market

[b] enemy

[c] family


2. The yoruba call God _________________.

[a] Allah

[b] Olorun

[b] Chineke


3. Managing complexity can be solve by __________________.

[a] hatred

[b] love

[c] fighting


4. Your brother’s daughter is your __________________.

[a] nephew

[b] niece

[c] cousin


5. Patriosm means __________________.

[a] love

[b] hatred

[c] height


6. What types of marriage is done in church?

[a] court marriage

[b] traditional marriage

[c] Christian marriage



7. __________________ is the money a husband pay for her wife during the marriage.

[a] bribe price

[b] dance price

[c] bride price


8. What is religion?

[a] Praying to satan

[b] Going to church

[c] The ways and manner we worship our creator


9. The total ways of life of our people is __________________.

[a] culture

[b] behavior

[c] character


10. __________________ is the head of the family.

[a] mother

[b] sister

[c] father


11. When a man marries just a woman woma, it is called __________________.

[a] monogamy

[b] polygamy

[c] homosexual


12. An __________________ lead prayer in mosque.

[a] lmam

[b] doctor

[c] pastor

13. The federal capital of Nigeria is __________________.

[a] Lagos

[b] Abuja

[c] Akure



14. Who is your uncle?

[a] The brother of my father and mother

[b] the brother of my mother

[c] the brother of my uncle


15. __________________ can cause problem to the extended family

[a] unity

[b] love

[c] conflict




Attempt all the questions in this section. 


1a. Define Culture.



b. List the types of culture:

i.  __________________

ii. __________________


2. Traditional festival is ________________________________________.



b. Mention 3 types of festivals:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________


3. Define marriage.



b. Mention 4 types of marriage:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________

iv. __________________


4. What is religion?



b. List the main religion practices in our community:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________


5. Define Managing complexity?



b. List 3 types of difficulties:

i. __________________

ii. __________________

iii. __________________