Exam Questions – Second Term Examination Christian Religious Studies Primary 4 (Basic 4)









Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. ______________ answers prayer.

[a] Demon

[b] God

[c] Ghost


2. ______________ means pardon by God.

[a] Punishment

[b] Disgrace

[c] Forgiveness


3. Forgiving others make us ______________.

[a] wicked

[b] guilty

[c] God’s children


4. Jesus told his disciples to always have ______________ in God when praying.

[a] doubt

[b] faith

[c] disbelieve


5. Jesus started and ended his ministry with ______________.

[a] fighting

[b] praying

[c] singing


6. Jesus was born by the power of ______________.

[a] Holy Spirit



[b] Moses

[c] Man


7. God gave moses ______________ commandments.

[a] 2

[b] 10

[c] 20


8. ______________ is not a condition for forgiveness.

[a] Acknowledgement

[b] Repentance

[c] Arrogance


9. When seeking for forgiveness of sin we must ______________ our sin.

[a] confess

[b] hide

[c] increase


10. Jesus taught his disciples how to ______________.

[a] steal

[b] shout

[c] pray


11. Jesus was crucified on the cross of ______________.

[a] Jerusalem

[b] Calvary

[c] Nazareth


12. Jesus died to ______________ sinners.

[a] kill

[b] bribe

[c] save


13. ______________ thieves were also nailed to the cross with Jesus.

[a] four



[b] three

[c] two


14. The ______________ of prodigal son welcomed and forgave him.

[a] mother

[b] father

[c] cousin


15. ______________ betrayed Jesus.

[a] Judas

[b] peter

[c] Andrew




Attempt all questions.


1. What is prayer?



b. Mention two ( 2 ) reasons we must pray.

I. ________________________________________________________

II. ________________________________________________________


2. List 4 importance of prayer.

I. ________________________________________________________

II. ________________________________________________________

III. ________________________________________________________

IV. ________________________________________________________


3. Define forgiveness and sin.



b. Mention two people that receive forgiveness in the bible.

I. ____________________________

II. ____________________________


4. State 2 importance of forgiveness.



I. ____________________________

II. ____________________________


b. Mention condition for forgiveness.



5. Write 2 sacrifice involve in the giving of his life for us.

I ________________________________________________________

II. ________________________________________________________


b. List 2 importance of Jesus laying down his life.

I. ________________________________________________________

II. ________________________________________________________



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