Exam Questions – Second Term Examination Verbal Reasoning Primary 4 (Basic 4)










Choose the correct answer from the options.


1. If YNGR means LATE, then GNYR means ___________________

[a] TAIL

[b] TEAL

[c] TALE


2. Food and eat ; water and ___________________.

[a] mineral

[b] drink

[c] blunt


3. A period of 12 months makes a ___________________.

[a] a year

[b] day

[c] week


4. A place where sick people are treated a ___________________.

[a] cementary

[b] factory

[c] hospital


5. Dentist is to forcep as doctor is to ___________________.

[a] help

[b] stethoscope

[c] plane


6. King is to queen as prince is to ___________________.

[a] beautiful



[b] ugly

[c] princess


7. The large ___________________ sank into the blue sea.

[a] sheep

[b] cheap

[c] ship


8. Dayo is as gentle as a …………………………

[a] dove

[b] gentle

[c] patience


9. I ___________________ to my uncle in Lagos often.

[a] right

[b] write

[c] written


10. If 1 4 5 6 = liar, then 6 4 5 1 = ___________________

[a] rail

[b] lair

[c] airl




Attempt all questions. 


1. Make another word from each of the following by using the first three letters and the last letters

a. Commence ___________________

b. Balanced ___________________



c. Language ___________________

d. Headword ___________________

d. Benefit ___________________


2. Fill in the correct answer

a. A place where bread and cakes are made; a ___________________

b. A place of worship for christians; a ___________________

c. A person who lives or comes from another country; a ___________________

d. The sound made by a snake ___________________

e. A person who cuts and sets the hair of women ___________________


3. Give the homonyms of these words:

example, it – eat

a. Two ___________________

b. Sow ___________________

c. Shirt ___________________

d. Ant ___________________

e. Was ___________________


4. Complete each of the following similes by correct answer from the patch below,

Ice, mouse, lion, grass, razor

E.g. As wise as Solomon

a. As sharp as ____________________

b. As cold as ____________________

c. As green as ____________________

d. As poor as ____________________

e. As fierce as ____________________


5. Underline the word that belong to the group in each of the following

a. Boy Uncle Father Male

b. Animal Goat Dog Sheep



c. Potato Okro Vegetable Onion

d. Stationary Paper Pen Envelope

e. Teaching Nursing Professional Law



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