First Term examination Civic Education Basic 8 (JSS 2)










Answer all the Questions in this section. 


1. A sense of having a strong moral standard about life and situations is ___________________.

(a) honesty

(b) discipline

(c) boldness

(d) integrity


2. ___________________ is the actual worth of a thing in monetary terms.

(a) bread

(b) beans

(c) culture

(d) values


3. One of these is not an attribute of contentment.

(a) satisfaction

(b) indiscipline

(c) humility

(d) lack of greed


4. The attitude of doing the right thing at the right time is referred to as ___________________.

(a) satisfaction

(b) contentment

(c) selflessness

(d) discipline


5. A courageous person is ___________________.

(a) stupid

(b) a murderer

(c) wise

(d) bold


6. The tiers of government in Nigeria are ___________________,

___________________ and ___________________.

(a) legislature, executive, judiciary

(b) federal, legislature,state

(c) executive, local government, state

(d) federal, state, local governments


7. In Nigeria, there are ___________________ members in the House of senates.

(a) 360

(b) 520



(c) 901

(d) 109


8. The Federal capital territory is not ruled by a governor but a/an ___________________

(a) ambassador

(b) almajiri

(c) senator

(d) minister


9. C-In-C also means ___________________

(a) communication-in-chief

(b) commando-in-cold

(c) curtains in cotonou

(d) commander – in – chief


10. ___________________ and ___________________ chambers make up the Nigerian National Assembly.

(a) lower and higher

(b) upper and down

(c) upper and lower

(d) up and down


11. The commander-in-chief of the armed forces and president of the federal republic of Nigeria is ___________________.


12. The president belongs to the ___________________ arm of government.


13. Bi – camerial legislature means ___________________.


14. The amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates to form Nigeria took place in the year ___________________.


15. The number three most important office in Nigeria is the ___________________.


16. While APC means ___________________ PDP means ___________________.


17. Nigeria is located in the ___________________ African sub-region.



18. The first and only prime minister in Nigeria is ___________________.


19. ___________________ has his picture inscribed in the twenty naira note.


20. In Nigeria, the first military coup took place in the year ___________________.




Answer only four questions in this section. 


1a. Who is a man or woman of integrity?

1b. List four attributes of integrity

1c. Give four examples of people with integrity.


2a. What is contentment?

2b. State four effects of lack of contentment.


3a. Why is discipline important in the society?

3b. Explain three consequences of indiscipline.


4a. Define the concept, Courage.

4b. While listing the attributes of courage, explain the types of courage.


5a. Write convincingly on, Nigeria as a federation.



5b. Differentiate between the arms and levels of government.


6. What do you understand by the term, bi – camerialism?