First Term Examination Computer Studies – Information Technology (ICT) Primary 1 (Basic 1)










Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. _____________ is an electronic machine that store information

[a] Monitor

[b] Pencil

[c] Computer


2. _____________ is not a part of computer.

[a] monitor

[b] brake

[c] system unit


3. The part of the computer that like television is called _____________.

[a] television

[b] mirror

[c] monitor


4. The part of the computer used for typing information is called _____________.

[a] keyboard

[b] typist

[c] typewriter


5. _____________ is a computer related object.

[a] Typewriter

[b] Book

[c] Cupboard


6. Speakers give out _____________ .

[a] paper



[b] money

[c] sound


7. J as in _____________ .

[a] joystick

[b] joyreader

[c] joyschool


8. B as in _____________ .

[a] bag

[b] abacus

[c] anger


9. We can use computer for _____________.

[a] playing games

[b] eating

[c] taking drug


10. _____________ is the brain of computer .

[a] monitor

[b] CPU

[c] cable


11. Computer can be used for sending and receiving _____________.

[a] letter

[b] messages

[c] books


12. Computer can be used for business purposes.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


13. A computer makes work _____________.

[a] sharper



[b] quicker

[c] stronger


14. One of an input device is _____________.

[a] monitor

[b] keyboard

[c] paper


15. We print out our document with _____________.

[a] keyboard

[b] printer

[c] scanner




Attempt all questions . 


1. _____________ is an electronic machine that can do many jobs.


2. List the parts of computer.


3. List 3 non – computer related object.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________

III. __________________________


4. List 2 computer related objects.

I. __________________________

II. __________________________


5. Write computer alphabets for the following letters:

I. A –



II. M –

III. G –

IV. K –

Hint for number 5 marking – A for Abacus, M for monitor, G for Game and K – Keyword