First Term Examination Home Economics Basic 8 (JSS 2)









Answer all the questions in this section 



1. The age of puberty in boys and girls is __________________.

(a) the same

(b) different

(c) equal

(d) prolonged


2. All are qualities of a home maker except __________________

(a) she adds finishing touches to her job

(b) she is a record keeper

(c) she takes care of the children

(d) she is dedicated to her job


3. Freedoms and benefits that are guaranteed to people by the law are called __________________.

(a) bills

(b) needs

(c) rights

(d) responsibilities


4. One of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease.

(a) Gonorrhea

(b) Syphilis

(c) AIDS

(d) Malaria


5. Self medication can lead to the following except __________________.

(a) complications of illness

(b) new serious health condition can occur

(c) abuse of drugs

(d) good health


6. Breast development in girls is __________________.

(a) not a sign of puberty

(b) a sign of size

(c) always a sign of puberty

(d) a sign of illness


7. Type of flower arrangement includes all except __________________.

(a) rectangular

(b) triangular



(c) circular

(d) crescent


8. __________________ is needed in flower arrangement.

(a) Sharp knife

(b) Book

(c) Soil

(d) Salt water


9. Body odour occurs when ____________________________________.

(a) there is a pleasant smell

(b) one takes regular bath

(a) there is poor hygiene

(d) there is good hygiene during menstruation


10. The fabrics or materials used for decorating doors or windows are __________________ and __________________.

(a) curtains and draperies

(b) draperies and cases

(c) sheets and lines

(d) spreads and draperies


11. Kitchen linen includes –





12. Types of kitchen are




13. __________________ is the functional room for sleeping and resting.



14. Set of settee is found in the __________________.


15. __________________ is an outlet for waste water.



Section B – Theory

Answer all the questions in this section. 


1a. Outline the weekly cleaning of the following parts of the home:

(i) kitchen

(ii) bedroom

(iii) sitting room


1b. State four (4) reasons why the home surroundings must be kept clean

1c. List out the three (3) drainage system


2a. Define a home.

2b. List seven (7) parts of a family home.

2c. Write at least one (1) function or use of each part of the family home listed above.


3a. Who is an home maker?

3b. Outline three (3) of his/her qualities.

3c. Write three (3) of his/her duties.


4a. What is personal hygiene?



4b. State three (3) importance of personal hygiene.

4c. Write four (4) precautions of body odour.