First Term Examination Literature in English Basic 9 (JSS 3)









Choose the correct answer from the options A-D




1. Who traveled to Spain?

(a) Igbonovia

(b) Osare

(c) Nosakhare

(d) Aigbovo


2. Odion was promised to set foot on oversea soil within _________________.

(a) one month and three weeks

(b) three weeks

(c) four weeks

(d) one month and one week


3. Odion ran into his childhood friend, ‘Tony’ at _________________.

(a) Tangiers

(b) Spain

(c) Magnaighia

(d) Takadou


4. Who among these people introduced Odion to begging?

(a) Tony

(b) Efosa

(c) Emma

(d) Uche


5. How long did it take Odion to finally enter pain?

(a) One year

(b) Two years and two months

(c) One year and two months.

(d) Two years and one month.


6. Who spent nine months and nine days in the prison?

(a) Odion

(b) Franklyn

(c) Giuseppe

(d) Chima


7. Chima was arrested and charged for suspected _________________.

(a) drug peddling

(b) murder



(c) assault

(d) kidnapping


8. A word that is used to suggest its meaning through its sound is known as _________________.

(a) assonance

(b) tick, tack

(c) euphemism

(d) onomatopoeia


9. A life history of a person written by another person is known as _________________.

(a) obituary

(b) autobiography

(c) diary

(d) biography


10. The use of facial expressions and gestures to tell a story is called _________________.

(a) oral literature

(b) dance drama

(c) mime

(d) folklore


11. Among the African youths that shared the cell with Chima were _________________

(a) Franklyn Anene and Patrick Ike

(b) OdionIgbinosa and Tony

© Efosa and Roberto

(d) Nicoletta and Piero


12. After _________________ months at Biella prison, Chima was transferred to Alessandria prison.

(a) three

(b) four

(c) one and a half

(d) two


13. Odion came in contact with Chama through _________________.

(a) Mary

(b) Emeka

(c) Pat

(d) Vivian


14. Chima and his inmates placed great value on both the _________________ and _________________ sachet wine.

(a) blue and white

(b) bottle and sealed

(c) red and white

(d) grape and apple


15. Which of the wine induces sleep and gives great appetite to the prisoners?

(a) white wine

(b) grape wine



(c) satchet wine

(d) red wine


16. Odion’s mother died of _________________.

(a) monkey pox

(b) AIDS

(c) heart attack

(d) hypertension


17. Odion studied _________________ at the University of Benin.

(a) Sociology

(b) Law

(c) banking and Finance

(d) Business Administration


18. Through whom is Tony’s letter delivered to Odion?

(a) Omokaro

(b) Odigie

(c) Efosa

(d) Ephraim


19. How much did Odion pay at the Niger Republic border?

(a) One thousand CFA

(b) Ten million CFA

(c)  Ten thousand CFA

(d) Hundred thousand CFA


20 _________________ was Odion’s lawyer.

(a) NicolettaSotivo

(b) Lentini

(c) Signor Sotivo

(d) Roberto Sotivo.



Section B – THEORY

Answer any five questions in this section. 


1 “Europe is the fowl that lays the golden eggs”.

a. Who made this statement.

b. Briefly discuss all that led to this statement.


2. In what ways was Chima’s perspective of Europe proven wrong?


3. How would you describe Odioin’s ordeals in Europe to that of Chima?


4. Comment on NwaubaniChima’s belief that the destiny of the Afrcan youths lie in Africa in accordance to the fate that befell Eric, Chima and Odion.


5. What view of Europe do the majority of African youiths hold?



6. Discuss the setting of the narrative.


7. Discuss the causes and consequences of the African youths dilemma in search of greener pastures.


8. Examine the explanations of going to Europe through the African desert routes.


9. Comment on the character named Tony.


10. Discuss five themes in NwaubaniChima’s, “The Journey So Far”.