First Term Examination Literature in English Primary 4 (Basic 4) – Exam Questions





INSTRUCTION: Answer all the questions. 




A Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. Ugadi had ________________ wives.

[a] twenty – four

[b] twenty – six

[c] twenty – three


2. What problem did Ugadi solve for the people of Ugbuza kingdom?

[a] Fighting the lions

[b] Fighting the chimpazees

[c] Fighting the goat


3. What was Mmili competition for?

[a] The youths

[b] The men

[c] The children


4. How often was Ujaki festivals done?

[a] Every three years

[b] Every two years

[c] Annually


5. Who was Ego?

[a] princess

[b] queen

[c] chief


6. The search for the big fish took ________________ hours?

[a] two

[b] fifteen

[c] six



7. ________________ was Ego’s mother.

[a] Queen filo

[b] Queen Ulo

[c] Queen comfort


8. Where was Ego held captive?

[a] In the dungeon

[b] In the dark room

[c] On the tree


9. Kuza’s mother was bitten by ________________.

[a] snake

[b] scorpion

[c] snail


10. What did Ojia said the seven boys should look for in the river?

[a] A mermaid

[b] A shinning sword

[c] A caged being


11. Why was Atika lamented?

[a] He was hungry.

[b] he was afraid to die.

[c] His friend’s hated him.


12. ________________ was the name of their friend that died?

[a] Ebo

[b] Ego

[c] lseli


13. What food did the friend being gave to them?

[a] Pounded yam

[b] Eba and Ogbono

[c] Human flesh



14. The snake ________________ him.

[a] bite

[b] crushed

[c] swallowed


15. Why did the masquerade stop chasing them?

[a] They bribed him.

[b] They begged him.

[c] They had left his territory.




 Attempt all the questions in this section. 


1a. Which word did kuza remember?



b. Why did Alika fall victim?



2a. Who did they meet on each river?




b. What would have happened if they had talked with the man?



3a. Who married princess Ego at last?



b. ________________ finally made it.


4a. How did they get back home?



b. “l would do anything to save my wife” This statement was made by ________________.


5a. Who is the author of beyond akpaku river?



b. Write 2 lessons you learnt from this story.

i. ________________

ii. ________________