First Term Examination Physical and Health Education Basic 9 (JSS 3)









Answer all the questions in this section. 


1. ________________ is a good examples of a track event.


2.  The races that range from 800m 1500m are referred to as ________________.


3.  A good example of sprint races is ________________.

{a} 200m

{b} 1500m

{c} 3000m

{d} marathons


4. The three{3} main implements in javelin include all but ________________.

{a} the grip

{b} shaft

{c} cord

{d} metal tip


5.  ________________ is not permitted in javelin.

{a} Foul

{b} Unorthodox

{c} Orthodox

{d} Conditional


6. One example of field events is ________________.


7. Athlete is equally known as ________________.


8. One basic skill in javelin is ________________.


9. The total number of team players in hockey is ________________.

{a} 8

{b} 19

{c} 12

{d} 14


10. In hockey game, each team is made up of ________________ Players.



11. The official date for the first hockey association in the united kingdom was in the year ________________.


12. The equipment and facilities in hockey include all except ________________.

{a} official ball

{b} playing stick

{c} hockey glove

{d} mouth organ


13. ________________ is the major official in hockey game.


14. ________________ is a disease causing organism.

{a} Pathogen

{b} Virus

{c} Bacteria

{d} Nematode


15. A good example of communicable disease is ________________.


16. A typical example of non – communicable disease is ________________.


17.  Activities done during our leisure time is ________________.


18. The following are good examples of folk traditional dances except ________________.

{a} atilogwu

{b} agidigba

{c} sharo

{d} social dances


19. The ability of an individual to perform his or her daily activities without fatigue and still have reserved energy is called ________________.


20. One characteristics of a physically fit person is ________________.



Section B – Theory

Answer four{4} Questions only.


1. Write a short note on the following track events stating two (2) examples each.

I. sprint races

II. middle distance races

III. long distance races

IV. marathon race


2a. Discuss briefly the history of hockey game.

2b. List four (4) equipment and facilities used in hockey game.

2c. State three (3) officials and their duties in hockey game.


3a. Contrast communicable diseases from non-communicable diseases.

3b. List four (4) examples of communicable diseases.



3c. Mention four (4) examples of non- communicable diseases.

3d. What is the major cause of diabetes?


4a. Define recreational activities.


4b. separate indoor recreational activities from outdoor recreational activities and give three (3) examples of each.

4c. Define the term folk dances.


5a. What is physical fitness?

5b. Highlight four (4) benefits of physical fitness.

5c. Explain briefly two (2) components of physical fitness.


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