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First Term Examination Security Education Primary 5 (Basic 5)










Choose the correct answer from the options:

1. Safety of an individual from danger is personal __________________.

[a] hygiene

[b] security

[c] advancement


2. The following are elements of security except __________________.

[a] confidentiality

[b] drug abuse

[c] integrity


3. It is good to keep information safe.

[a] True

[b] False

[c] Maybe


4. __________________ is an act of being honest.

[a] Principles

[b] Tolerance

[c] integrity


5. Confidentiality in security is preventing important __________________ from getting into the wrong hands.

[a] information

[b] document

[c] human


6. A person who is confidential will leak secret.

[a] True



[b] False

[c] Maybe


7. Authenticity is an act of being __________________.

[a] fake

[b] gunuine

[c] unreal


8. For an information to be authentic in security, it must have __________________.

[a] proof

[b] data

[c] challenge


9. Availability means __________________.

[a] ready for use

[b] not ready for use

[c] loss of information


10. Being security aware saves us from __________________.

[a] spending

[b] rejoicing

[c] danger


11. Awareness is being __________________ in danger.

[a] truthful

[b] honest

[c] watchful


12. Security agencies are __________________ owned organisation’s.

[a] public

[b] private

[c] government


13. Creativity means __________________.

[a] turning ideas into fake



[b] turning ideas into reality

[c] outburst of ideas


14. Audio awareness materials educate people on __________________.

[a] lies

[b] unity

[c] security issues


15. Audio awareness materials has __________________ components.

[a] visual

[b] sound

[c] sight




Attempt all questions. 

1. Define security.



b. List 5 elements of security.

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________


2. What you understand by integrity in security?



b. Give an example of a person with integrity.


3. Explain confidentiality.



b. List 3 importance of confidentiality in security.

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________


4. Write the full meaning of the following

I. EFCC – ________________________________________________



II. DSS – _________________________________________________


b. State 2 importance of security awareness.

I. __________________

II. __________________


5. Mention 2 ways we can share information to security agencies.

I. __________________

II. __________________


b. List 3 examples of audio awareness materials.

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________