Four Things to get started with Adsense – Successful Blogger


Adsense is the most popular way to make money with blogging, value your contents and reward your passion. Other include Ezoic,, PropellerAds, AdThrive, Media vine, etc. Blogging is passion by doing what you to do most and always getting ideas that sound so fun.

Many people start a business or blogging without passion. No wonder they failed, copy and paste from other blogs without knowing the main ideas behind the contents creator. Even if you copy, edit and paste, a lot of things are missing – the ideas, passion and fun.



An idea is what gets you in motion. Passion is what drives your motion while fun is what provides you with a sense of satisfaction when it goes well. Do you know why? You don’t fail when you get the ideas, passion and fun.


Here’s my satisfaction from ideas, passion and fún. Prove records from Adsense and Ezoic as at 26th January, 2023.

Adsense Screenshot,


Ezoic Screenshot, 


Note – the above records are not this site. The idea is to make learn first and earn later.


All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty – Proverb 14:23. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ – Colossians 3:23-24.

When learn, you can now get started and earn.



1. The contents are Perfect for the Audience. 

The reason why their contents are perfect is because he/she creates contents for a targeted audience. For example, children, adult, old and young people, etc.

If you’re going to spend your time making creating contents, then spend your time making sure that the contents created are for the right audiences.


2. He/she does not Ignore Anything 

A successful blogger knows he/she strength and weakness. He/she embrace them, uses his/she strength to deal deceitfully with his/her weakness.

He/she understands how to work on his/her contents. Sometimes, he/she might get distracted from content creation but knows how to get back on track.


3. The Visitors Increase Fast 

Increase in traffic is what your blog needs. Increase in traffic leads more traffic because,

  • They known their audience.
  • They do not wait for Google search to fish out their contents but search for their targeted audience to delivers their contents directly to them. Note – Google search will never fish out your contents after publication if it does not sense a unique activity around them. This is because your traffic sometimes determined your ranking.
  • Early rapid growth in traffic increase is a sure sign of blog future success.


4. They know how to Face New Challenges and Recover Quickly from Them 

In the real business, the main problems are questions such as –

  • What to produce?
  • How to produce?
  • For whom to produce?
  • Effective and efficient of what has been produced.


Let’s relate these to blogging,

  • What content to create?
  • How to create the content?
  • For whom?
  • The quality of the content.

Some blogs are dead on arrival. This is not new. I have been there.

Your domain defined you and your contents. For example – is designed to expose the secret of learning how to start a blog and earning from it.

Some domains, topics and blog contents are word and opposite. If you can harmonize these, you will be confused your audience, probably lose them eventually.

Common challenges are – topics, contents and right audience. There is no sequence for this. I won’t like to bother you these but don’t hesitate to cross the bridge when you get there. If you have any questions about this, drop your comment and I will be glad to respond positively.



You just need four (4) things to get started with Adsense,

1. Website

Google adsense values your contents for monetization. You have connect your site to Adsense.


2. A Google Account (Gmail)

Google account is your passport and visa to get on board. You can create your domain and hosting accounts with any email accounts but Google account (Gmail) is the key that unlock your website for monetization.

If you’re using Gmail or any other Google service, you already have one. If not, just click to sign up  for your new account.

Gmail gets you into AdSense and everything about Google.


3. Phone number and Postal Address 

Your phone number, the mailing address and your bank account (domiciliary account in USD) are necessary for cashing out from Google adsense.


4. Add Adsense Code to your Site 

All you have to do is drop the little AdSense code into your website and it immediately starts working.



According to Google adsense, 2 million people have chosen AdSense, here’s why –

1. It earns money from your site.

2. It ads are optimized for mobile.

3. It saves time.

4. It allows only the highest paying ads go live.

5. It displays the right ads for your audience.

6. It gives you control to block ads you don’t like.



Blogging and Google Adsense are not child play. Not everyone is illiterate but we are all ignorant. We don’t know it all. We pay for something we know nothing about. Each and everyone of us has something to offer in blogging world. Learn, get an idea, discover your passion, catch the fun and earn later. 

I can’t do many things but I can teach, educate, Instruct, coach, etc. on how to start a blog.