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Search engine is a website that allows a computer and mobile phone users find information on the Internet.



There are different kinds of search engines,

1. Google

2. Microsoft Bing

3. Yahoo

4. Baidu

5. Yandex

6. DuckDuckGo


8. Ecosia


10. Internet Archive

11. Wolfram Alpha



URL means Uniform Resource Locator.

URL is the website address, Internet address or domain ghat enabled users to find or locate a resource on the Internet.

Each of the listed search engine has it own unique url.


Top 5 Search Engine URL, 

1. Google Search Engine 

Google Search is a search engine provided by Google.

The url for Google Search Engine is

It enables users to search in their own languages.

For example, Google offers search in English, Hausa, Igbó, Èdè Yorùbá and Nigerian Pidgin.


2. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft.

The url for Microsoft Bing search engine is



3. Baidu Season Engine 

Baidu is a web search engine owned and operated by Chinese.

The url for Baidu Search Engine is


4. Yahoo Search Engine

The url for Yahoo Search Engine is


5. Yandex Search Engine 

Yandex Search Engine is a search engine owned by Yandex in Russia.

The url for Yandex Search Engine is



The word, “search” means to find.

Computer users use search engines to find different things on the Internet for different purposes.

For examples,

1. It is used for finding meaning.

2. It is used for projects and researches.

3. It is used for finding location.

4. It is used for finding information about people, places, things, locations, companies, products, etc.

5. It is used by students for doing assignments or homeworks.

6. It is used for shopping, entertainment, etc.



Teacher asks pupils to.

1. explain the meaning of search engine.

2. state the top 5 search engines with their url.

3. mention 5 uses of search engines.

4. URL stands for ______________.

5. find the following,

  • meaning of search engine using Google Search Engine.
  • find uses of search engine using Bing Search Engine.

6. state the URL of the following:

  • Google Search Engine
  • Bing Search Engine
  • Yandex Search Engine
  • Yahoo Search Engine
  • Baidu Search Engine


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