Mock Exam Question – Second Term Examination Christian Religious Studies SS 3








Answer all questions. 


Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. At the creation, the river that flowed out of eden to water the garden divided into the following four rivers.

[a] Ahava, Nile, Jordan and Trgris

[b] Pishon, Gihon, Tigris & Euphrates

[c] Cyrus, Jordan, Trigis & Euphrates

[d] Cyrus, Jordan, Tigris & Euphrates


2. The fact that whatever God said during creation happened as he said, indicates that God _____________.

[a] wanted man to have dominion over all he had created

[b] Had sovereignty over the universe

[c] loves all that He had made

[d] did not want darkness to continue upon the face the earth


3. Jeremiah was thrown into an underground prison because he prophesied without fear about _____________.

[a] famine

[b] wars

[c] impending disaster

[d] the babylonian captivity


4. When Abraham got to the land of canaan, he lived in shechem under the sacred tree called _____________.

[a] Palm of Ramah

[b] Oak of Bethel

[c] Oak of Lachish

[d] Oak of moreh


5. The most vital treasure Moses found on mount sinai was _____________.

[a] the sapphire

[b] the diamond

[c] the emerald

[d] the gold


6. After Joseph had revealed himself to his brothers, he _____________.

[a] kissed and embraced Benjamin and left for his room

[b] Gave his brothers food to eat and drink

[c] fell upon Benjamin’s neck because they were of the same mother

[d] departed and went to his office


7. The main reason why Israel went to Egypt was _____________.

[a] political



[b] because there was a great famine

[c] protection

[d] because Joseph was governor food


8. The army of Israel led by Barak defeated the canaanite troops led by _____________.

[a] Deborah

[b] Lappidoth

[c] Heber

[d] Sisera


9. God provided water for the Isrealites by asking Moses to strike the rock at the wilderness of _____________.

[a] paran

[b] Massah

[c] Sin

[d] Rephidim


10. Which of the following did not form part of Asa’s religious reforms in Judah?

[a] abolition of male cult prostitutes in the land

[b] removal of all the idols which his father made

[c] cutting down of the image made for Asherah by Maacah

[d] destruction of the high places


11. Saul’s war with the Amalekites was called Holy war because

[a] God spared the Canaanites

[b] the Amalekites worshipped baal

[c] The booties of war were to be taken only by the king

[d] Yahweh ordered total destruction


12. Saul was badly wounded in the fight with he Philistines and finally died on _____________.

[a] Mount Gilboa

[b] Mount Horeb

[c] Mount Gerizim

[d] Mount Nebo


13. Which of the following actions show that king David was a man after God’s heart _____________.

[a] laid in ambush against saul in the wilderness of Ziph

[b] attacked Saul’s camp secretly when his spies gave him useful information

[c] ordered Abner to slay in his sleep

[d] rejected the suggestion to slay saul


14. David was known by later isrealites as their greatest king because he _____________.

[a] was a great and powerful warrior



[b] played music for saul when he was sick

[c] built empire for them that has never been surpassed

[d] was shepherd boy of Jesse’s household


15. The King of Isreal who reputed for his wisdom and his love the will of God

[a] Jehoiachim

[b] Ahaz

[c] Omri

[d] Solomon


16. Solomon oppressed his people and deprived them of their freedom when he made them _____________.

[a] pay heavy taxes

[b] do forced labour

[c] obey his rules

[d] provide the luxuries of his household


17. Naaman, the Syrian leper was healed by _____________.

[a] Amos

[b] Hosea

[c] Elisha

[d] Gehazi


18. Which of the following was the consequence of Ahab’s greed on the house of Naboth _____________.

[a] The house of ahab broke into two factions

[b] Elijah pronounce famine in Israel

[c] Ahab’s dynasty was taken into exile

[d] there was war between the house of ahab and Naboth


19. The greatest achievement of king Josiah of judah was _____________.

[a] the expansion of his territory

[b] his religious reforms

[c] his improvement of relations with Assyria

[d] his obedience to the words of the prophets


20. Which of the following people opposed the rebuilding of the temple by Nehemiah?

[a] Artaxerxes

[b] Cyrus

[c] Zerubbabel

[d] Sanballet


21. Daniel was delivered from the den of lions for all the following reasons except _____________

[a] his kindness



[b] his holiness

[c] God’s love for him

[d] his faith in God


22. The main theme of Amos prophecy in Isreal was on Justice _____________.

[a] mercy

[b] charity

[c] love

[d] forgiveness


23. Amos described true religion as _____________.

[a] engaging in sacrifices and burnt offerings

[b] being just and righteous

[c] singing of praises to God

[d] engaging in holy feasts & assemblies


24. Hosea described Isreal’s relationship with God as that of a _____________.

[a] faithful wife and faithless husband

[b] loving wife and her unforgiving husband

[c] repentant wife and her unforgiving husband

[d] faithful wife and her ever loving husband


25. Complete this statement of Ezekiel’s teaching on individual responsibility. “ The fathers have eaten sour grapes _____________“.

[a] and their friends have joined them

[b] because the prophets gave them

[c] because the laborers planted them

[d] and the children’s teeth are set on edge


26. The seventh century prophet often described as the weeping prophet was _____________.

[a] Hosea

[b] Zechariah

[c] Ezekiel

[d] Jeremiah


27. In the first temptation of Jesus, the devil intended him to become

[a] an economic messiah

[b] a wonderful worker

[c] a conquering messiah

[d] a Jewish messiah


28. “ Synoptic problem is the term given to the problem of how to account for _____________.

[a] the word – for – word correspondence in the first of the three gospel



[b] the agreement in content

[c] the literacy differences in some passages

[d] the agreement of two gospels in some accounts


29. The wise men from the East were able to know about the birth of Jesus because they were _____________.

[a] astrologers

[b] investors

[c] geographer

[d] explorers


30. Jesus said to him, follow me and let the dead bury their dead. This implies that Jesus _____________.

[a] opposed burial of the dead

[b] he was beside himself

[c] regarded as dead anybody who rejects him

[d] placed more emphasis on the living than the dead


31. The parable of the lost son teaches _____________.

[a] kindness

[b] forgiveness

[c] sympathy

[d] mercy


32. In parable of the Good Samaritan, the priest and the levite ignored the injured traveller because they _____________.

[a] were not trained nurses

[b] were late for work in the temple

[c] held their ceremonial laws in esteem

[d] did not notice the injured man


33. In the parable of the sower, the seeds that were choked by thorn referred to people _____________.

[a] from whom the evil one snatches away was sown in their hearts

[b] who fall away on account of their faithlessness

[c] who the cares of the world and delight in riches make to all away

[d] who hear the word but are choked by lack of understanding


34. The aim of the evangelist in their writing was to proclaim

[a] the good news of the kingdom

[b] God’s time

[c] religious changes in Judaism

[d] the Christian dispensation


35. In the sermon on the mount Jesus said, ‘ Blessed are the pure in the heart, for they shall  _____________

[a] have the kingdom of heaven



[b] be called sons of God

[c] be satisfied

[d] inherit the earth


36. The ‘ Mission of the seventy “ signifies mission to the Gentiles

[a] the Gentiles

[b] Isreal

[c] Judea

[d] Samaria


37. After their mission, Jesus enjoined the seventy to rejoice because they had

[a] exercised authority over the demons

[b] seen the glory of God

[c] seen Satan fall like lightning from heaven

[d] Had their names written in heaven


38. The disciples that were at the transfiguration of Jesus refused to tell their experience to other people because they _____________.

[a] were afraid to say it out

[b] were annoyed by what they saw

[c] were told by Jesus not to say it out

[d] forget about it as soon as they left the place


39. The presence of Peter, James and John at the Transfiguration is significant because they _____________.

[a] occupied a privileged position among the Twelve

[b] were brothers and the first to be called

[c] were soon to be matyred for spreading the gospel

[d] all came from Capernaum in Galilee


40. The agony of Jesus occurred in _____________.

[a] Gethsemane

[b] Galilee

[c] Samaria

[d] Bethany


41. “ My father, If it be possible, Let this cups pass from me ‘ cup, as used here, stands for _____________.

[a] trial

[b] accusation

[c] death

[d] temptation


42. Pilate condemned Jesus to death in order to

[a] please the Jews



[b] maintain justice

[c] retaliate

[d] secure his post as governor


43. For the redemption of the world, Jesus Christ gave his life as a _________________.

[a] reward

[b] price

[c] debt

[d] bonus


44. The good shepherd as described by St. John has all the following except that

[a] he enters the sheepfold by the door.

[b] he calls his own sheep by name.

[c] he climbs into the sheep fold by another way.

[d] the gatekeeper opens the gate for him.


45. “Behold the lamb of God….” Jesus was compared to a lamb in this were because he

[a] was to be slain on the cross.

[b] was to take away the sins of men.

[c] was to be humiliated and presented by the world.

[d] was a sheperd himself.


46. The “ living water “ Jesus offered the woman of samaria represents _________________.

[a] word of God

[b] the holy spirit

[c] the true wine

[d] peace of mind


47. In St. John’s Gospel, signs of Jesus mean all the following except _________________.

[a] miracle

[b] acts symbolic spiritual truth

[c] mighty works

[d] signs of God’s special intervention in human affairs


48. As a result of Peter’s speech,

[a] the Apostles were stoned.

[b] there was confusion among the Jews.

[c] about three thousand souls were added to the group.

[d] the argument about drunkenness was settled.


49. The Ethiopian Eunuch was reading a passage in the book _________________ about the suffering Messiah.

[a] Jeremiah



[b] Hosea

[c] Isaiah

[d] Ezekiel


50. The first missionary Journey of St Paul took off from _________________.

[a] Parphos

[b] Antioch in pisidia

[c] Perga in Pamphylia

[d] Antioch in Syria




Attempt all questions this section . 


Question 1

A. Narrate the story of Joseph in Cannan and indicate how he came to assume leadership role in egypt.

B. Why did Amos say that there was no true religion in Israel?


Question 2

A. How did God reacted to the wickedness of Eli”s Children.

B. Explain the call of samuel.


Question 3

A. How was Baal worship introduce to Isreal in the time of Ahab?



B. Give the account of the contest on mount camel between Elijha and the prophets of Baals.


Question 4

What important event took place at Troas during St. Paul’s third missionary journey?


Question 5

Which towns were visited by paul during his first missionary journey?