Happy New year and Happy Resumption. This is inform you that our contents are under review to meet the new set standards as stated in Lagos State Scheme of Work 2021 Edition.

Modern Means of Communication


THEME: Reading Comprehension

TOPIC: Moderns Mean of Communication

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor):


    1. Read the passage; Skim for main points in passage;


    1. Scan for specific information;


    1. State/write the meaning of new words in the passage;


    1. Answer the questions asked.


ENTRY BEHAVIOR: The pupils are required to already have learned reading and listen.

INSTRUCTION MATERIALS: The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of Course Book/Dictionary/Pictures


REFERENCE MATERIALS: MacMillan Brilliant Primary English Book 6, page 120 – Reading 1 & 2 and other relevant materials.

1. Reading Comprehension – Modern Means of Communication

2. Work-To-Do: A and B

3. New Words, Meaning and Dictionary (Home-Work/Assignment) – 125 E.
     WORD – Meaning




To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps:
1. Pupils’ activities – Read the passage to skim for main point;
2. Guide pupils to pick out new words from the passage;
3. Pupils’ activities – Scan for the meaning of new words;
4. Write them on the board and tells pupils their meaning;
5. Pupils’ activities – Listen to the meanings of words and repeat after the teacher;
6. Guide them to pronounce the difficult words;
7. Explain the passage by summarizing and highlight the main points;
8. Pupils’ activities – Listen to the summary the teacher gives; answer the question asked;
9. Distinguish the theme/subject matter of the passage (i.e. regard and concern for the interest of other).
10. To boost the confidence and self-esteem, the teacher praises the pupils.


CONCLUSION – To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week’s lesson.