Modern Means of Communication

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THEME: Reading Comprehension

TOPIC: Moderns Mean of Communication

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, the pupils should have attained the following objectives (cognitive, affective and psychomotor):


    1. Read the passage; Skim for main points in passage;


    1. Scan for specific information;


    1. State/write the meaning of new words in the passage;


    1. Answer the questions asked.


ENTRY BEHAVIOR: The pupils are required to already have learned reading and listen.

INSTRUCTION MATERIALS: The teacher will teach the lesson with the aid of Course Book/Dictionary/Pictures


REFERENCE MATERIALS: MacMillan Brilliant Primary English Book 6, page 120 – Reading 1 & 2 and other relevant materials.

1. Reading Comprehension – Modern Means of Communication

2. Work-To-Do: A and B

3. New Words, Meaning and Dictionary (Home-Work/Assignment) – 125 E.
     WORD – Meaning




To deliver the lesson, the teacher adopts the following steps:
1. Pupils’ activities – Read the passage to skim for main point;
2. Guide pupils to pick out new words from the passage;
3. Pupils’ activities – Scan for the meaning of new words;
4. Write them on the board and tells pupils their meaning;
5. Pupils’ activities – Listen to the meanings of words and repeat after the teacher;
6. Guide them to pronounce the difficult words;
7. Explain the passage by summarizing and highlight the main points;
8. Pupils’ activities – Listen to the summary the teacher gives; answer the question asked;
9. Distinguish the theme/subject matter of the passage (i.e. regard and concern for the interest of other).
10. To boost the confidence and self-esteem, the teacher praises the pupils.


CONCLUSION – To conclude the lesson for the week, the teacher revises the entire lesson and links it to the following week’s lesson.