Second Term Examination Basic Science and Technology Primary 6 (Basic 6) Exam Questions









SECTION A – Attempt all the questions in this section.

Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. Mineral resources are objects of value extracted from the _________.

[a] class

[b] company

[c] earth


2. Which of these is not a water project in Nigeria?

[a] Canals

[b] Dams

[c] Soak away


3. _________ is an instrument used for measuring the direction of air.

[a] Rain guage

[b] Parachute

[c] Wind – vane


4. Which of these is not a strategy for marketing door mat?

[a] Decoration

[b] Displaying it for sale

[c] Fighting buyers


5. Which of these is not a primary colours?

[a] Green

[b] Red

[c] Blue


6. Light source colours are in form of sunlight or rays called _________.





7. Petroleum is used in the production of all the following except _________.

[a] marble

[b] kerosine

[c] engine oil & vaseline


8. Gases present in air include all these except _________.

[a] oxygen

[b] water vapour

[c] carbon (iv) oxide


9. One of these water projects provides hydroelectricity for Nigeria.

[a] Kanji dam

[b] Bougada dam

[c] Lagos canals


10. One of these is not a mineral.

[a] iron ore

[b] moon

[c] limestone


11. The male and female gemete are _________.

[a] Man and Woman

[b] Boy and girl

[c] Spermtozoa and Ovum


12. Which of these colours are primary colours?

[a] Red and blue

[b] Black and pink

[c] yellow and green


13. Which of these is not a material making door mat?

[a] Rubbers

[b] Leathers

[c] Bones


14. All these are changes in male during puberty except _________.

[a] growing of beards

[b] broad shoulder

[c] development of hips


15. The chemical symbol of water is _________.

[a] H2O2

[b] H4O

[c] H2O


SECTION B – Attempt all the questions in this section.

1a. Define Fertilization. ___________________________

1b. Mention 3 changes in male and female during puberty:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________


2a. Define Air. ___________________________


2b. Mention 2 types of minerals with 2 examples each:

I. __________________

II. __________________


3a. How are secondary colours produced? Give example.



3b. Mention 5 materials used in making door mat:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________


4. State 7 hand tools:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________

VI. __________________

VII. __________________


5a. List 5 materials that can be used to maintain our equipment:

I. __________________

II. __________________

III. __________________

IV. __________________

V. __________________


5b. Define maintenance. ___________________________



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