Second Term Examination Christian Religious Studies (CRS) Basic 7 (JSS 1) – Exam Questions








Choose the correct options from the provided alternatives.


1. Which of these people are members of the second group in a school?

(a) Principal

(b) Class prefects

(c) Form masters

(d) Bursar


2. ___________________ is not a way of sustaining good relationship in the community.

(a) Respect for leaders

(b) Religious tolerance

(c) Obedience to laws

(d) Caring for the needy


3. Abraham’s father was ___________________.

(a) Haran

(b) Tareh

(c) Mesopotamia

(d) Terah


4. “Take your son, Isaac and go the land of ___________________ and offer him as a burnt offering”.

(a) Canaan

(b) Ur

(c) Sheehem

(d) Moriah


5. Abraham offered a ___________________ as burnt offering instead of Isaac.

(a) ram

(b) bull

(c) goat

(d) cow


6. Disobedience to God’s laws is called ___________________.

(a) devil

(b) sin

(c) suffer

(d) reconciliation


7. Church is the body of Christ, that includes our church ___________________ and the ___________________.

(a) leaders and congregation



(b) Christ and Church

(c) you and me

(d) you and I


8. Omniscience means ___________________.

(a) someone who sees everything

(b) someone who eats

(c) someone who looks

(d) looking


9. The name ‘Moses’ means ___________________.

(a) a devoted servant

(b) an adopted son of the princess

(c) a great leader

(d) drew from the water


10. The peaceful co-existence between Christians, Muslims and traditionalists is known as ___________________.

(a) self esteem

(b) religious intolerance

(c) independence

(d) religious tolerance


11. The name, “I am who I am” means ______________________________________

(a) God is to be known through His son’s death

(b) God be praised

(c) God is great over all

(d) God is to be known through His acts of salvation.


12. The ___________________ are those who are unable to provide certain things for themselves.

(a) givers

(b) needy

(c) peace

(d) takers


13. Everyone is able to about his or her work in an ___________________ and ___________________ manner.

(a) hand and writing

(b) look and see

(c) confusion and fighting

(d) orderly and peaceful


14. Jesus Christ came to ___________________ and ___________________ us with God.

(a) introduce peace and unity



(b) bring love and fight

(c) reconcile and restore

(d) bring respect and peace


15. ___________________ was the father in-law of Moses.

(a) Laban

(b) Pharoah

(c) Nebuchaddnezzer

(d) Jethro


16. God called Abraham when he was ___________________ years old.

(a) ninety

(b) sixty

(c) seventy

(d) hundred


17. Adam and Eve broke the good relationship with God by their ___________________.

(a) sin of peace

(b) sin of disobedience

(c) sin of mankind

(d) sin of evil


18. The natural family is also called the ___________________ family.

(a) extended (b) polygamous

(c) nuclear

(d) portable


19. Which one of these is not the reason why Joseph’s brothers hated him.

(a) he was a dreamer

(b) his father made him a coat of many colours



(c) he was an orphan

(d) their father loved him


20. ___________________ and her family were the only ones spared at the destruction of Jericho.

(a) Rebecca

(b) Ruth

(c) Rachel

(d) Rahab




Attempt all questions



a. What is Obedience?


b. Mention the four things that God promised Abraham.


c. Briefly narrate the two things God asked Abraham to do, to demonstrate his obedience to him.



a. What is service?


b. Name three biblical persons that that were called to service.


c. Vividly narrate how one of them obeyed his call to service.



a. Narrate the circumstance surrounding the birth of Moses.


b. List five evils of keeping bad friends.


c. List tem roles each of the following members of the family;

(i) father



(ii) mother

(iii) children



a. How do we protect the good name of our family?


b. Briefly narrate how Joshua conquered Jericho in his course of service to God.