Second Term Mid Term Test Security Education for Primary 2 (Basic 2)






Important- Randomly choose a minimum of 10 questions out of 26 for the test. 




INSTRUCTION – Answer all the questions in this section.

1. _____ is a person trained and employed by a government or private organization to protect lives and properties.

A. Security agent

B. Stranger

C. Peer


2. _____ is the state of being free from all dangers or harms at home, in the school or anywhere you are. That’s, feeling safe at all time.

A. Security

B. Insecurity

C. Police


3. _____ is when you are not feeling safe or free from dangers. It is also means lack of confidence.

A. Security

B. Insecurity

C. Guilty


4. Who to approach in the face of danger?

A. Parent

B. Teacher

C. Police


5. _____ are signal send to inform people of the danger ahead.

A. Security tips

B. Security alert

C. Security agents



6. _____ are ways to keep oneself (yourself) free from any danger.

A. Security tips

B. Security alert

C. Security agent


7. It is OK to talk and relate with stranger.

A. True

B. False

C. I don’t know


8. _____ is any person you do not know at all.

A. Father

B. Mother

C. Stranger


9. To avoid relating with a stranger, we must accept gift from them.

A. True

B. False

C. Not sure


10. _______ is a government organisation which responsible for security intelligence activities within a nation.

A. Personal security

B. Security agency

C. Home Security


11. _______ is one of the security agencies established to maintain law and order.

A. Nigerian army

B. Nigerian police

C. Nigerian navy



13. One of the functions of Nigerian police is _______.

A. To support crime.

B. To destroy life and prosperity.

C. To maintain law and order.


14. Is true that police is our friend?

A. Yes, it is true.

B. No, it is false.

C. Not really our friend.


15. Nigerian police performed military duties under _______.

A. military act

B. police act

C. security act.


16. Nigerian police camouflage uniform is similar to the military but different in colour.

A. False

B. True

C. Maybe


17. Which of the following is not Nigerian security agencies?

A. Gateman





18. FRSC is for the federal government while LASTMA is for _______.

A. Local Government Chairman

B. Lagos State Government

C. Nigerian Nations Assembly


Match the following with the correct meaning.

19. NDLEA        Independence Corrupt Practice Commission

20. SSS              National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

21. I.C.P.C.      State Security Service


Indicate TRUE or FALSE on questions 6 – 10.

22. It is safe to play in dark places or anywhere that is free. TRUE or FALSE

23. You can stay close to strangers. TRUE or FALSE

24. Stay in a group and don’t wander off on your own. TRUE or FALSE

25. Trust your instinct. If you feel someone followed you, run or call for help. TRUE or FALSE

26. Ask for help from trusted adult such as teacher, coach, police officer, other parent, or older siblings. TRUE or FALSE