Second Term Physical and Health Education Mid Term Test and Break Primary 3 (Basic 3)














Meaning (Examples) of Ball Games | Basic Skills in Table Tennis


1. ________________ are games that are played with a ball.

A. Ball games

B. Football games

C. Table tennis games


2. ________________ is one of the major sports in the world.

A. Ball game

B. Football game

C. Table tennis game


3. Table tennis games are played at ________________.

A. all levels of ball games

B. all levels of competition

C. all levels of football games


4. Both young and old people play the game but at world championships, it is a ________________ person’s game.

A. Children

B. Young

C. Old


5. Table tennis games are played at a ________________ and ________________ levels.

A. Professional and unprofessional

B. Professional and friendly

C. Professional and amateur


Meaning of Football Game | Basic Skills in Football


6. __________________ is a game played by two teams, eleven players each using a ball.

A. Football



B. Basketball

C. Tennis ball


7. __________________ is played by kicking the ball to each other of the same team and try scoring goals into a wide net by kicking the ball.

A. Tennis ball

B. Basketball

C. Football


8. Football game in which two teams of __________________.

A. Eleven players

B. 11 players

C. A and B


9. __________________ is a trainer of a football team.

A. Coach

B. Captain

C. Defender


10. __________________ is the team leader of a football team.

A. Coach

B. Captain

C. Defender


Meaning of Basketball | Basic Skills in Basketball


11. __________________ is a ball game played with hands by shooting a ball through a raised goal called a basket.

A. Ball game

B. Potball game

C. Basketball game


12. Basketball is a limited contact sport played on a __________________ court.

A. triangular

B. rectangular

C. square


13. Basketball game requires ____ players on each side.

A. 5



B. Five

C. A and B are correct.


14. __________________ is the only ball games played with hands.

A. Basketball

B. Goalkeeper

C. Player


Safety Rules in Table Tennis, Football and Basketball


15. __________________ are sets of instructions that ensure the safety of the players during trainings or competitions.

A. Safety rules




16. Safety rules reduce or prevent hazard that could result in __________________.

A. injury

B. illnesses

C. injury and illness


Basic Swimming Styles


17. _______________ is movement of the entire body through the water.

A. Swimming

B. Bathing

C. Washing


18. _______________ takes place in swimming pools or open water.

A. Bathing

B. Swimming

C. Washing


19. Swimming for sports and games take place in _______________.

A. swimming

B. pool

C. swimming pool


20. Free style is also known as _______________.

A. butterfly style



B. backstroke style

C. Crawl style

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