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Second Week Lesson Plan Outline Basic 5




Teacher’s Basic 6

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  2. School:
  3. Term:
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  • Basic Science and Technology (BST) 
  1. Basic Science
  2. Information Technology (Computer Studies)
  3. Physical and Health Education
  • Cultural and Creative Art
  • English Studies 
  • Mathematics 
  • Pre-Vocational studies (PVS)
  1. Agriculture
  2. Home Economics 
  • Religion and National Values 
  1. Christian Religious Studies
  2. Civic Education
  3. Islamic Religious Studies
  4. Security Education
  5. Social Studies
  • Yoruba 
  • Basic Science (BST) 

Domestic Animals 

  1. Reproduction in domestic animals
  2. Habits of some domestic animals
  3. Benefits of domestic animals
  • Information Technology (Computer Studies)

Reasons for taking care of computer 

  1. Avoid damage
  2. Protect the system
  3. Make users comfortable
  • Physical and Health Education 

Table Tennis

  1. History
  2. Draw and label table tennis board
  3. Facilities and equipments
  • Cultural and Creative Art 

Modeling (continuation) 

  1. Meaning of modeling – clay or plasticine
  2. Sources of modelling
  3. Near a river
  • Mathematics

Simple problems on percentages 

  • Agriculture
  1. What is farm crop
  2. Examples of crops – cereals (maize, sorghum, etc.) legumes (cowpea, soybeans, etc.) and tuber (yam, Cassava, sweet potato, etc.)
  • Home Economic 

Kitchen hygiene 

  1. Meaning of kitchen hygiene – kitchen is a function room in the house where food are stored, prepared and served. Kitchen hygiene is a way of ensuring cleanliness and safety in the kitchen.
  2. Materials needed for kitchen hygiene – broom, soap, water, dustbin, sponge, foam, napkin, towel, rag or mop, hand glove, apron and cap, scrubbing brush, working table, packer, etc. 
  3. Importance of kitchen hygiene – to avoid accident in the kitchen, to make work easy and enjoyable, to keep the kitchen tidy, to prevent fatigue, to prevent pests  germs, insects and diseases.
  • Christian Religious Studies 

God shows mercy to us

  1. Meaning of mercy
  2. The story of prodigal son – Luke 15:11-32 and Matthew 9:9-13
  • Civic Education 

Civic education

  1. Meaning of Civil education
  2. Components of civil education
  • Islamic Religious Studies 

Shirk – Association of Object to Allah 

  1. Meaning of shrik
  2. List Acts that amount to shrik
  3. Meaning of oneness of Allah and his independence
  • Security Education 
  • Social Studies 

Organisation and cooperation 

  1. Meaning of organization and co-operation
  2. Types of organizations and co-operation
  3. Why people live together
  4. Functions of various organizations and co-operation
  5. Benefits of living together – solving common problems, protect one another, sharing of things together, etc.
  6. Problems of organisations and co-operation – bad feelings, harming one another, etc.
  • Yoruba 
  1. Ede: 
  2. Ásà
  3. Litireso 

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