Second Term Examination Security Education Basic 5






Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. The following are causes of crime except ________________.

[a] poverty

[b] drug abuse

[c] parental care

2. Parental negligence cannot affect crime.

[a] True

[b] false

[c] may be

3. Attempted robbery is a type of ________________ crime.

[a] complete crime

[b] incomplete crime

[c] personal crime

4. Burglary is a type of ________________ crime.

[a] personal

[b] property

[c] statutory

5. Poor education, Health are ________________ factors that influence criminal behaviour.

[a] political

[b] economic

[c] religion

6. The following are factors affecting criminal behaviour except ________________.

[a] social factors

[b] peer group

[c] good friend

7. ________________ is the act of purposely taking someone’s else life.

[a] murder

[b] rape

[c] theft

8. The following are criminal behaviour except ________________.

[a] rape

[b] bribery

[c] praying

9. The act of giving false information about someone even under an oath is ________________.

[a] rape

[b] bribery

[c] perjury

10. Examination malpractice is ________________ act of wrong doing.

[a] deliberate

[b] unintended

[c] not purposeful.

11. Government can implement security play by ________________.

[a] letting offenders go

[b] punishing offenders

[c] building houses for criminals.

12. Effective monitoring of security plan helps to ________________.

[a] make plans bad

[b] make plans comes into reality

[c] rule out plans

13. Keeping your doors/windows open helps to prevent theft.

[a] true

[b] false

[c] maybe

14. Inadequate preparation for examination a ________________ of exam malpractice.

[a] cause

[b] good act

[c] solution.

15. The following are ways of preventing crimes except ________________.

[a] using monitored alarm .

[b] organizing neighbourhood watch.

[c] opening doors for thieves to come in


Attempt all questions.

1. List 5 common criminal behaviour bribery.

2. Define Examination malpractice.


b. State 2 causes of examination.

i. __________________________________________________________________

ii. __________________________________________________________________

3. List 3 ways of preventing common crimes.

i. __________________________________________________________________

ii. __________________________________________________________________

iii. _________________________________________________________________

4. Enumerate 3 ways government can prevent crimes in a country

i. _________________________________________________________________

ii. __________________________________________________________________

iii. _________________________________________________________________

5. What is theft?


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