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Cultural and Creative Arts (Primary 3)

    First Term, Second Term and Third Term Cultural and Creative Arts  Scheme of Work with Plan Lesson Notes for Primary 3      FIRST TERM SCHEME OF WORK WITH PLAN LESSON NOTES   WEEK 1 – Introduction to Drawing – (Primary 3)   WEEK 2 – Introduction to Singing (Primary 3)   WEEK 3 |

Creating A Drama and Singing in Drama (Primary 3)

  CULTURAL AND CREATIVE ARTS FIRST TERM   WEEK 12 PRIMARY 3 THEME – ENTERTAINMENT  PREVIOUS LESSON – Lines and Spaces of Music Staff (Stave) – Primary 3 TOPIC – DRAMA  LEARNING AREA 1. Meaning of Play Creation 2. Process of Creating Play 3. Creating A Drama and Singing in Drama – OPERA   PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 
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